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Wash with C&C Blackhead Clearing Scrub and Continuous Control Acne Cleanser

Apply BP

Eucerin facial lotion

4g B5

Three times a week I use the tape deal to clean pores/dead skin before applying BP

3g B5 with lunch


Wash with C&C products again

Apply Mandelic Serum

Apply Aloe Vera

3g B5

Twice a week I do an at-home microdermabrasion

Is this too much? I used the Botchla method with success, and I'm making a push to completely clear myself up.

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I don't know much, but it seems like you're doing waaaay too much exfoliating. Salicylic acid, mendelic acid, taping and dermabrasion? And if it's Eucerin Renewal, then it contains an alpha hydroxy acid. That seems really excessive. I think you're probably irritating your face and thus contributing to the acne problem.

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What should I leave off? I still get dead skin and junk by taping. My skin doesn't peel or dry out badly.

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you seem to have a lot of exfoliating agents going on. The C&C products contain bha I presume. You've got mandelic acid which is an aha. Your Eucerin moituriser - is not Renewal by chance is it - another aha product as well? Then you have got the dermabrasion and the taping.

I just don't see how so many peeling agents is very useful...so that is where you should cut steps if you want to make changes.

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I would stop the taping and micro and aloe vera and just use Nivea Visagealcohol free moisturizing toner with aloe and chamomile. I'm on Dan's routine now for 3 weeks and might end up adding Bothla's to it like you did but I have to wait because I'm oily and it's drying me out tremendously.

Burts Bees rosewater has aloe in it too. I get about 2 round cotton facial disks(both sides) of dead flakes off my face 2 x a day with this product.

I can't believe that a product without alcohol can do this! Amazing!

Micro broke me out.

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