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Is less better than more?

Hi, I've been reading the boards and using the regimen for a while and have come across some posts saying that when people start using less stuff on their face, they've had better resuslts. I'm wondring if this is true. Currently, I apply benzaclin and moisturizer in the AM, again after I workout in the afternoon, and apply Differin and moisturizer before bed. I'm wondring if this is too much. Any suggestions?

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For mild acne, yes, other products do tend to cause drying, irritation, and result in breakouts. But for the major acne sufferers, using a BP and SA wash just simply isn't enough. But 2 prescription meds is pretty harsh- you'd probably need a moisturizer. But most derms agree that a retinoid + bacteria killing topical is the most effective weapon besides accutane (here is a good read: http://www.healthynailsandskin.com/index2....p&disease=Acne).

Ok, this is ranting a bit, but I gave up on derms a while ago though, thinking I could fix it better myself. And I did, for a while actually, near 100%. But the thing about some "less is more" products is that some of them are actually harmful in the long run. Scrubs will cause your skin to age faster once you actually do outgrow acne (wrinkles, thinned skin, etc), and alpha hydroxy acids are even worse (your skin will lose the ability to exfoliate by itself, etc). As soon as I stopped using these products, my skin is worse than before I ever have. I don't want to be dependent on using an alpha hydroxy acid until im 100 years old- I want my skin to be healthy in the long run. After researching a bit, I now believe that topical retinoids are the only exfoliants that won't fuck up your skin in the long run (unless they cause tons of breakouts and scarring). Back to differin gel for me... plus a BP wash.

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