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Is less better than more?

Hi, I've been reading the boards and using the regimen for a while and have come across some posts saying that when people start using less stuff on their face, they've had better resuslts. I'm wondring if this is true. Currently, I apply BP and moisturizer in the AM, again after I workout in the afternoon, and apply Differin and moisturizer before bed. I'm wondring if this is too much. Any suggestions?

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A lot of people say that putting too much gunk on your skin not only can clog your skin(and likewise make it harder for your skin to breath and exfoliate) but various acne treatments can be abrasive and cause irritation that can promote acne spreading and/or getting worse.

in that respect, it is advised that you don't put *too* much on your face.

As for your 3 time a day application of topicals...it might be okay, do you shower after you work-out? The other thing that you risk from putting too many things on, is over irritating your skin which can make acne worse, so keep that in mind.

I think, more often than not, sometimes the best solution is the simplest, this isn't always the case with acne, but certainly there are many simple things you can do that should improve your condition.

I think the acne condition is worsened greatly by people's attitude toward it, in that, people with acne(that wish to clear up) are generally willing to try *anything* additionally they usually have the mindset "well, If X cream works, and Y cream works, I'll just use both and it'll work twice as fast/well" Unfortunately this isn't the case at all, and that can lead to either no improvement, or worsening of their lesions.

I say, just find the most effective stuff you can, for your face, and stick with that.

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