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Seattle JT

Post Accutane/Minocycline Facial Flushing

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Has anyone noticed their flushing/facial redness worse after a night of drinking? It seems like my face is way more red, dry and irritated (I still have oily skin) and that I also break out after binge drinking. Thoughts?

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Has anyone noticed their flushing/facial redness worse after a night of drinking? It seems like my face is way more red, dry and irritated (I still have oily skin) and that I also break out after binge drinking. Thoughts?

I have noticed this, one thing that helped me was milk thistle tincture before I drink, also helps with the hangover :) Witch hazel followed by cetaphil helps me too.

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So has there been anything that has "cured" anyone? It is getting hot again and my flushing is as worse as ever

It's so debilitating to my life. I'm almost afraid to talk to people now (especially females haha)

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I have started to get this too after 6 months of accutane. I don't mind it though as it adds a little color to my ugly white face. I only get it in the afternoon and it gets even worse when I'm stressed.

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Hi everyone,

Almost every day, maybe once or twice, I get weird sensations in my face, lips, eyes and what feels like my scalp or just inside the skull...

My eyes actually get a bit blood shot so I think it is flushing, but my face does not seem to get red so not sure. I can't figure it out, it is not dryness because it comes for about an hour or a few hours and then fades away and I feel 'normal' (my version of normal feeling after accutane anyway) again.

Anyone know what may be causing this? What do you guys do to deal with any such symptoms?

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I last took accutane june of 2010. I never thought my face would still be giving me problems. If I knew that accuane would have created a whole new problem that seems incurable I would have never done it and just let my nasty cysts go away over time. Now nearly 3 years later the zits are at a minimum but my skin is nastier looking and constantly red all the time. Sometimes it gets even worse, I can usually feel it in my face when it does. Right now on the regimen the BP is making my skin even more red than normal.

Does anyone have a secret to fixing this? It is so insanely irritating I've tried so many different things (regimen, emu oil, etc.). I just want my face to be the normal skin color. Should I stop using products on my face all together?

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I last took accutane june of 2010. I never thought my face would still be giving me problems. If I knew that accuane would have created a whole new problem that seems incurable I would have never done it and just let my nasty cysts go away over time. Now nearly 3 years later the zits are at a minimum but my skin is nastier looking and constantly red all the time. Sometimes it gets even worse, I can usually feel it in my face when it does. Right now on the regimen the BP is making my skin even more red than normal.

Does anyone have a secret to fixing this? It is so insanely irritating I've tried so many different things (regimen, emu oil, etc.). I just want my face to be the normal skin color. Should I stop using products on my face all together?

just dont irritate your face with products....

try these hope it hlps...

1.wash ur face once in a day with no water.... like cetaphil or ponds cream cleanser ..

2. moisturise .

3. if u feel its kindaa dry just apply misturise without cleansing

4.while u wash or apply moisturiser do not massage o anything. BE GENTLE.

5. donot touch your face

6.ur hair away from face

7. sleep on ur back

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Hey Lamarr and Seattle,

I hope you guys are doing well and I know it has been a while. I would like to update you both on my progress and hear how things are going with you. If either of you see this post please post back and I will respond shortly.

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Lamarr & Seattle don't come on here much. I can tell you that Lamarr has his email on his profile if you want to get in touch with him. Hope everyone is doing well and Happy Holidays & New Year : )

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Hi guys

My symptoms are flushes and flushes of heat, triggers

change of temperature especially the winter after meals, stress, anxiety, Sun, sport, shower etc...

Since 4 November 2013, every beginning of month I am strong vbeam treatment with purpura, I did my 4th early this month and still me have the last (for now) the early March 5th.

After all the evil that I gave myself and after reading some testimonials, I was hoping good results for my rosacea triggered by roaccutane, unfortunately I do not even know if my condition is improving, so it's subtle, I even feel that I have the redness that is gaining ground.

So I want to try plaquenil, see if it can help me. I would make the updates.

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Please my friends I would like to have help, I read all 59 pages.

Flushs give me a hard life, I also kinda evil to the joint, hair loss and dry skin.

I did 5 strong vbeam with purpura in 5 months, I don't see any improvement at the moment and I started taking clonidine since 1 month and plaquenil for 5 weeks, the clonidine helps me, but I hope the plaquenil is going to heal me like Lamar or I will try the mepacrine like him.

But please I saw that you know much about roaccutane effects I would like advice to cure my skin it spoils me life!

I took 40 mg for 6 months for miserable buttons in the back in 2008 and I did not learn...!

I eat balanced, I cut quick lactose and sugar apart from honey and fruit for over 2 months and I don't see any improvements. I try to not eat gluten also for 2 week, but I lost weight and found over what to eat,.

I bought juicer, red LED but I stopped because makes me red, complement food, probiotics, kefir... As I saw no results I began medication to calm inflammation and hoping to heal with the antimalarial.

So, now, I take 3 * 0.75 mg clonidine/day and 1 tablet 200mg plaquenil and 1/2 Tablet 100 mg at night hoping that it heals me, also I take milk thistle, turmeric, red wine extract and Borage Oil.

Please give me tips to heal, do I do cure liver and kidneys?

What take as complement hemp oil I I put on my skin but it doesnt...

I can even make sport otherwise I becomes all red for hours!

I have to stop soccer and bodybuilding!

Oli girl you no longer takes plaquenil? CA you cure your rosacea?

Sorry for the questions and my text and draft and that I do not speak English I use a translator sorry.thank you for your understanding.

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Dear co-sufferers, victims and survivors of the modern age,

Let me to introduce myself first. I'am writing from a small shithole country in Europe, and had my first problems with acne soon after the 1999 and my final year of Grammar school. I had severe, cystic, abomination-like acne that made me to conclude that Accutane is worth a shot. I had a strong therapy, and after the treatment the severity of my problem was gone. But today, almost 15 years after the remedy, I can cryout loud > It was not worth [email protected] (for anyone ever considering to use it)

My first side effects, which I was unaware coming from the drug (what could I say, I was just a kid, thinking about completely different things of joy), arrived while I was on a treatment, and during my soccer match. I felt that my face started to fry and melt, my friends would comment how terrifying I looked. I was red as coming from the deepest corners of the Underground. Ever since, this sensation would turn to be a common reaction whenever my heart started to beat with faster rate. Not just sports, but whenever I felt anxious and stressed. I could tell you that my high-school was a nightmare. I started to feel embarrassed and frightened in almost every social situation. My very low self esteem came from the scars which were left to remind me every day how unlucky I was. But God only knows that only my strong will and readiness to battle on made me through the environment that had no understanding of what I was going through. To make things worst, I didn't also. I was convinced that this was something deep and emotional that brought these problems, I was convinced that simple drug cannot bring such a havoc. These were the days when my parents lost their jobs, and situation in my family was not good to say at least. I had no right to have a problem. This made me suffer more.

My College days were as painful as you can guess. With just a little money, and stressful situations at every corner, my nightmare days started to be unbearable. Dry skin and lost weight could tell that something is very wrong. In one point, I had 59kg, which with my 185cm height simply made me look like a 20-something with a skeleton of a 13-year old boy. My memory was very poor and had digestive disorders. I had to find the answers, but without money and the medical system being here so unprepared for such an unusual problem (very conservative), I had little options. No medical test, exam, could point to any illness. My best was to look into myself, by myself. And my great saga started there.

As being always strongly connected with Nature, I deeply believed that we, as living organisms and being part of it, must search there for answers. Diet was first which I tried to change. I began my research and shortly understood that for living organisms to thrive, beneficial parasites (gut bacteria, etc.) are important, and for living organisms to deteriorate - pathogenic parasites (gamma positive bacteria, fungi, mites, worms, etc.) should be blamed. ANTIBIOTICS, in translation - ''anti-living'', are used to kill everything that lives in us, including the billions of beneficial microflora that lives under our skins, in our lungs, stomach and intestines. In contrary, PROBIOTICS (''pro-living'') are used to repopulate intestines. My first approach was anti-candida diet and this went well. I cut sugar, processed foods to a minimum, as being possible in my position. I have gained weight. But flushing was still there, along other problems. Varicocoela surgery soon after made me to again use antibiotics and this made me astray from the healing path. I lost weight again. Had to use some strong antifungals soon after and this has lifted my flushing in great extent. But since I had no money for continual use I had to find some alternative. But I was convinced that this was fungal. So I went the all-protein diet (as much as I could) but this brought me just more health issues and my acne getting back so I had to turn from that. I have somehow finished my MSc somewhere in this time.

Soon after my first job and I have decided to let it go, not to be troubled by my troubles and not worry. This approach was good, but all of the problems were still there. Acne bursts were more frequent, guess from the crappy food I took.

But after I lost my job, I started again to research and spent enormous time in trying to solve my health problems. I was listening my body very carefully and was able to hear its responses. One day I realized that it is the table salt that has made all my skin problems. This, along with the cooking oil. Not just that my acne bursts were controlled, but I was able to run and sprint more than any one else on the court, my concentration was back on, and constant mucus in my throat was gone. (I do not still drink water after any physical exhaustions and I am always never thirsty ). My self-esteem was back on. But anxiety-caused flushing was still there. This was not much of my concern until I got my new job – to teach in a local highschool. Ironic, I thought at first. To arrive where my problems started. And this is when I started to research more, as my social anxiety induced flushing were unbearable to have in my position. Here I understood that this was all allergy inflamed problems. This is when I came to histamine. Diet with low histamines brought almost complete reduction with my anxiety and flushing. But this varied from day to day, as I was still eating something that either contained or induced histamine release. Stopped alcohol as a major histamine concentrated product also. I started juicing. This was incredible. For the first time after 15 years I had high temperature and flu like condition for days. and paradoxally, I knew this was good (try reading Malahov, says that we get ill when we are fighting the germs). Afterwards I felt so happy that I would simply sing by myself from happiness. But again, there were situations I would flush. I researched more, and these were the days when I finally thought of Accutane, for the first time after using it. And here I am now.

Now, everything has sense to me. This thread is incredible. It is incredible fact to finally hear that my problems are not because of my mental disorder, but that this is common for all of us who have taken this demonic drug. I researched even more, and here are the things that I can conclude and which will help anyone that has made the same error as we did >>

1. Antibiotics kill our microflora that in normal conditions habitats our skin and our intestines.

After the completed treatment, fungi spreads. Rosacea and flushing must be a fungal condition in origin. Histamines that hostile microflora are producing cause inflammation. Not just our skin, but our organs and intestines, thence the IBS and why Accutane is banned in most of the civilized countries. Powerful enough probiotic would help I guess, but no tablets as they cannot settle in the gut (there are analyses which show that even the alive yogurt cultures cannot sustain after they are digested).

It was interesting for me to read here that some of you almost had no flushes when in arid areas, with constant temperature (Israel, etc.). This could be explained by the unadequate conditions for a fungi growth (low humidity and sunshine).

Microflora not only controls our emotions and brains (I could go ancient Egypt and mummificitaion of intestines and stomach) but they are essential for the synthesis of VITAMIN K and VITAMIN B complex. (when you are low in vitamin K, vitamin D cannot do the job, thence the osteoporosis and joint pain, etc. in post accutane sufferers. B12 is one of the most essential vitamins for our neurological system, and there are analyses that tell how it is almost unabsorbable when digested, thence has to be synthesized in the gut)

2. Accutane is a retinoin, and accumulates wherever oil is in our bodies (skin follicules and liver). Many of our problems resemble the HIPERVITAMINOSIS A symptoms. http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/26/6/575.full.pdf

Question is how to eradicate Vitamin A from our bodies. Liver cleanse is a must.


Oil metabolism is being impacted. Avoid food high in Vitamin A (carrot, etc.)

3. Abondon all histamines in your diet, as they produce inflammation. This is tough dough, as they are almost in every food. But avoid the most dangerous ones. http://www.histamineintolerance.org.uk/about/the-food-diary/the-food-list

4. Take antioxidants. Vitamin C is one of the most available one. Betaine from beet is very good as anti-histamine (use it raw).

5. Take control of salt intake (sodium). There should be a balance between Mg, Na, Ca, and Potassium in our bodies (which our modern diet do not provide, as we all have enormous Na and Ca intake – thence calcifications). Actually isotretionin impacts our renin-angiostenzin system, affecting our salt and heart metabolism.

I will most certainly try the anxiolytic remedy (proposed in this thread), but the CAUSE of our problems will be still there, right?

What I was thinking of, we all had acne in a first place. So, all our bodies had a problem before a problem right? It would be nice to try to debunk why we had acne. I have realized that many of you here are either homosexual or lifting weights, so it would be a common sense to conclude that you had acne because of the hormonal disbalance. It would be astraying to go this path and blaming hormones for post-accutane side-effects (Jordan, I would love to hear your experiences man). But if your acne started to appear somewhere afterwards you started lifting weights, hormones would be a strong implication for your problems. But what for the rest of us? It would be magnificient if we could all post if we had similar background, this way we could narrow down the cause of our problems.

What I top as the most plausible cause of our problems, are:

1.antibiotic treatment in early childhood (i had alway stomach pains when i was ill, possible connection with absence of beneficial bacteria)

2.amalgam fillings and teeth decay( still have plenty of those, possible connection with mercury)

3.living with animals from early childhood (dog was always in our house, possible connection with demodex mites)

Best wishes for you all and feel free to contact me,

PS would love to hear from the pioneers of this thread, Lamar, Soul, Jordan, Shantelle, Seattle and others, to see how are they doing now and if any new advices. Cheers

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did a 4 months accutane on 40mg course didnt have any serious side effects.

at the end of it i would flush from time to time but rarely, even went to Punta cana in the heat and sun and didnt have any problem,

4 months after my course im back on second course for precaution , was on 40mg first

month but after some time i would flush every single day for a short period of time.

i talked to my derm and he got me on 20mg day, stopped accutane for a week

and flushing was better,

now the past 2 days i have flushed, i can feel the heat on my face, flushed at the restaurant ( i took quite some alcohol the past days, which i will stop from now on ) and i flushed today at the job for like 2 hours i was dead red on the

casual cheeks and nose.

im wondering should i stop my accutane treatment? i dont have much acne anymore that second course was just precaution for myself , cause some small pimples were coming to surface.

otherwise i was planning on dropping to 10mg a day.

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Hi guys, interesting thoughts and feelings about this ! But great for everyone to share their experiences and create some for of hope for us all! I took accutane 3 months ago and stopped after 2.5 weeks , the changes I was seeing in my body were too much.. however on the topic of flushing, I flushed rarely in the two weeks I took it, but the side effects kicked in about one month after I stopped , skin sensitivity and facial flushing etc and is still happening now. Something to think about , I stopped washing my face completley after something I read , and I noticed that the flushing completly stopped for 1/2 weeks. Obviously this is hard to do and sounds crazy but it gives the lipid barrier a chance to repair. I couldn’t bare it much longer so I gave in as I was having problems with my eyes. So please if you do try this keep your eyes clean and try to avoid washing the areas you flush. I’m no doctor but it’s just a thought process that the capillaries become inflamed once washed scrubbed or whatever. Who knows ! To this day I avoid washing areas where I flush ( cheeks ) and it does seem to help. Doxy and mino however have aggrevated the redness. So in short If you can leave it alone and let it recover there maybe a chance of returning ( in time ) to your original tone! Good luck everyone - time is a healer with everything . 

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Have you tried applying an antifungal cream. You could have candida (indicated by a white tongue and red skin plus acne like symptoms etc) or malasezzia (indicated by dandruff and similar skin symptoms as malasezzia). Outbreaks of both candida and malasezzia are caused by taking antibiotics. Keeping skin dry will help reduce outbreaks caused by both fungi, but antifungal cream is needed to control both fungi.

Taking doxycycline and minocycline will likely have caused the outbreaks of the fungi, and hence will have aggravated the redness (which is inflammation caused by the fungi).

Get back to me if you would further information.

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I am joining this thread quite late. I wish so badly I could’ve only found this months ago when I was considering accutane. I had beautiful skin with some mild acne I wanted rid of. My derm said accutane was a serious drug, but nothing would be permanent, all negative side effects transient.

This was not the case for me, and I can relate so much to everything I am reading here. My redness started almost immediately after finishing the entire dose of the drug. I was put right away on 200 mg doxy; not sure how much this is helping. I got the anxiety-induced flushing, but it has been pretty well controlled with 15 mg mirtazapine each day.

I have another issue though with inflammation primarily around my mouth. It doesn’t quite look like perioral dermatitis. But the skin around the mouth is very damaged and sensitive, I think it’s atrophied. Any rubbing or exfoliating turns it red, like a red muzzle :( I avoid eating, as eating causes redness here. I think the accutane changed the immune system, giving me these weird reactions. I also think the drug made it harder for the skin to heal. Do you think plaquenil would help me?

Finally, I also notice so many bizarre sensations in my skin now: tingling (especially the lips), burning, numbness, rapid small muscle twitching, and itching (especially around the mouth).

It breaks my heart how this condition is so much worse than my old mild acne, and honestly the drug has stolen: my beauty, many of my friends, my confidence, my grad school program, and I fear soon my love. I sit inside depressed over my condition in fear of living and the skin getting set off. It’s no way to live; I just want a cure so I can get my old skin back and get my life back. 

Please let me know if you have been able to help your conditions in these years that have passed. Also, if you are still suffering, I helped create a Facebook page dedicated to this condition: [Removed]

There needs to be more awareness. 

Thank you,


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I finished a course of Accutane a little over 6 months ago maybe 8 at this point. I was a few weeks off of my course when I started to notice this flushing. It wasn't too bad, however it was winter so I wouldn't have noticed it much from the heat. It continued to get worse as time went on, which I'm assuming is because Accutane damaged my skin or something causing this after reading through every post here. It has made me super depressed as my parents had me take Accutane but did no research and now I am leaving for college soon and am stuck with this problem that I don't know if it will get better or not. My skin feels dry most of the time and gets red mostly from heat being my main trigger. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on where I should start or if anyone is still active in this sub. I feel for all of you when I say this really sucks and I hope that we can find something that works for all of us. Thank you guys 

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