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My skin has gotten soooo much better thanks to Tazorac. I've been using the cream now for about 1 1/2 months and my skin looks so much better than it ever did while I was on the Retin-a. However, I still have the nasty scars. I thought that maybe they were getting better since you can barely notice them in my mirrors in my house. (God bless the mirrors in my house or I would never go out if I seen what I looked like elsewhere). However, yesterday I was driving "shotgun" in the car, and I looked in the side view mirror and my skin was all nasty looking. I had a terrible "wavy" orange peel type appearance on the side of my face where the sun was hitting. This has made me upset and confused again. I knew that the scars were still there, but I thought that they were less noticable. Well, now that I have seen them, i know that everyone else does too. I don't know what else to do?What do I do for these types of scars? I am still using Taz. Can I do anything while on Taz? I have already done 2 VLS lasers for hyperpigmentation, a Thermage and several 70% glycolic peels several months ago. My problem is not pigmentation (although I do flush rather easy), they are what I believe rolling scars from a year of cystic acne. Is my there any option besides Dermabrasion or something invasive? I would like to try maybe TCA, but not sure since I am using the Taz. Anyone have any suggestions? TIA

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Try TCA complex . I have orangel peel skin ,too. It just makes your pores get smaller . it costs 30 dollars and one bottle of it lasts for 1 yr + U just have to dip some with a Q tip and apply onto your skin. For continuous use over a 6 motnhs period , it makese your scarred pores look smaller. I am not sure if u can eliminate them or not. if they are pores, they will never be eliminated b/c they are just too deep . if they are scarred pores .. u have a chance to eliminate them.. TCA complex doesn't create too much burning , and it is safe to use . Please read the TCA complex thread for more information . Again , dun expect one application can cure your problem.. Give youself 6 months to 1 yr . thank you

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