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Glycolic Acid Moisturizer Perfect?

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glycolic acid is a chemical exfoliator, so it will speed up the natural skin shedding process. i use nhsl with aha (alpha hydroxy which is another chemical exfoliator) but i use it in conjunction with dan's regimen to help fade redmarks. i tried to use it alone without bp, but it didn't keep my skin clear. personally, i think that's a little expensive for a moisturizer. i used to be into expensive skin care products but found that cheaper ones work just as well.

anyway, what is your current regimen, and how do you want to incorporate this? do you have access to neutrogena products? you might be able to find a similar neutrogena product to the nhsl we have in the states for a lot less than that other brand.

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It looks like a fine glycolic acid moisturizer, but yeesh! $80 for 100 mL is more than I'd be willing to pay for even a very very good glycolic acid moisturizer. It'd probably be much cheaper for you to import American AHA products (such as Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Lotion, which is more like $12 for about 180 mL or Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion, which is about $10 for about 75 mL) that are of slightly lower quality.

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No way, dont spend $80 on any skin care product, its a total rip off.

$$$$ does not equal 'quality'

Nutrogena & Paula's choice both make good AHA's, try one of those.

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Okay thanks for the replies. Well I have been granted a sample of the product so I'm trying it out, and if it works, any price is worth perfect skin :)

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