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Bringing acne to the surface

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I've been struggling with severe acne for five years now, and I think I'm finally onto something. For the past two months I have been eating healthily, cutting out pretty much all fatty/sugary foods and applying lemon juice w/ tea tree and lavender oil once a day along with BP 5%. i was skeptical at first because believe me, I tried EVERYTHING apart from roacutane (long story, can't have it)

But since starting this, for the first time in five years, I haven't had a single breakout. OK, that's a lie, I've had about three, but they happened directly after I started eating fatty food and or stopped my cleansing routine. When you consider that I would sometimes get about 4/5 new spots a day, it's a big improvement.

My only trouble is, most of my acne is made up of little red spots that have never come to the surface, they just seem to sit under the skin, they aren't sore or lumpy or anything like that. They don't seem to be moving.

So I guess my current routine is preventing NEW acne, which is great, but how can I go about bringing the current acne to the surface? Or at least how can I heal it?

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One thing i found helpful is a Beta Peel. For the next few days after having it done.. all that congestion will start moving to the surface. about one week later your skin looks better than ever.

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Thanks. I tried a chemical peel once, but gave up on it, any good that it once did would be countered by a whole new load of spots the next day. Could be useful to me now.

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A lot of times if your acne is still coming to the surface daily the Beta Peel wont help but once it is under control.. it makes a huge difference. When you had this chemical peel was your acne under control?

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