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So Accutane cuts off the production of oil..

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How does the stopping your oil production bring everything to the surface (ex. pimples, blackheads, whiteheads etc.)

also, accutane doesn't help with redmarks right? you just have to wait for them to fade right?...i notice that some of my friends, their redmarks fade like superfast, weeks or like a month, but mine stay like forever...wtf!! is it like because the blood capillaries are stuck or something?


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Topical exfolliants like BHA, AHA's can help with redmarks. Check out the redmark forum. Not sure how your skin would handle topicals, but you can try it.

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Accutane doesnt just stop oil. It helps your body properly kearatanize the oil. It also modifies ur dna so that the oil produced is more slick. It affects it in another way too i just cant remember.

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Yeah, I agree. I never understood how Accutane "bring it all out"... doesn't make logical or physiological sense to me. It's not like there's bacteria/acne just sitting below the skin ready to come out.

Anyway, I'm currently in the breakout phase, my acne is really severe and is only getting worse. Only side effects are dry lips and face, other than that, I just hate the billions of cysts on my face. Sigh.

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Accutane as all other retinoids increases the rate that skin cells mature so they shed off more quickly and skin becomes thinner.That causes comedomes to be excreted.

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