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My very Late Accutane Journal

I started on the 1st of December and I'm starting my journal on February 29th...

So far I've been on accutane for 91 days which equals 13 weeks. I’ve been on the drug for 3 months.

For the first 2 months I've been on 40 mg and on my 3rd month until the end of treatment I'll be on 60 mg (5 months). All dosages have been taken with food. I'm male 5'4 and weigh 65 kg.

I'm using the generic version and strangely around weeks 3 and 4 the pharmacy gave me a bunch of deformed accutane pills. I took the ones that didn't look deformed and got the deformed ones replaced.

Acne at start

When I First began treatment I had acne all over my back, chest, face, and inflammation everywhere on my face making it look very red (especially on my nose). My skin was also very oily. Red marks were all over my cheeks, generally had 4 medium size pimples on me at a time, and overall I was very oily, pimply, and red.

Acne Now

Now all the acne on my back and chest is nearly completely gone and my skin is very dry. The red marks on my face are starting to fade but still aren't completely gone yet. The inflammation hasn't changed much and my nose is still very red. (I look like Rudolf especially when I blush dammit) I don’t have any acne on my forehead but I do have lots of red marks on my cheeks. Pimples generally come and go. I’d say I’d get 1 or 2 pimples everyday but they’re kind of small. Sometimes I get big ones sometimes small. Never know what to expect in the morning. The most annoying thing for me right now is the red inflammation on my nose. Hopefully accutane will fix it.

Side Effects

Nose bleeds- In the beginning, the worst side effect I had was bloody noses. I could have 3 of them in one day and most of them happened in the middle of the night. On my third month the bloody noses died down and I haven't had one for weeks.

Dry Lips

Sun sensitivity

Rash on Hands

Dry Skin (Doesn't bother me unless it's a rash)

My mood hasn't changed in any noticeable form to me.

Initial Outbreak- It’s difficult for me to determine whether or not I had an initial outbreak or not. I think I got some more acne in the beginning of treatment, but since it was so gradual I didn’t notice.

I’ll try to update at least every Sunday night. I’ve got around 8 more weeks to go and then I’ll give my post accutane treatment journal. The post accutane treatment will go up to 1 month after accutane treatment, possibly longer. The length of my journal will be roughly 12 weeks long including the after treatment part.

Got any questions? Feel free to ask.

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I'll also try and post pictures later on. These pictures won't be of myself because I don't have a camera or have the balls to post a picture of myself.

I'll use pictures of different people to scale how my acne looks compared to others.

I wonder if this will work :-k

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