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What's the Concensus on Carley's Clear and Smooth?

I've been using Carley's Clear and Smooth for about two weeks now. I haven't seen any improvement. New acne is still forming, and scars are as visible as ever. In all honesty, I think it's made my complexion a little worse. Reading feedback from no-acne.com, it seems that it may take awhile for results to show. I guess the only thing to do is keep trying. Has anyone on these boards tried it? And what do you guys think?

I have yet to try Dan's Regime. Does that provide better results?

Thank You.

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Why not do a search for Carley's on this web site? There are probably hundreds of threads which discuss it already.

My summary: After 2 months usage, I saw a great improvement. I was nearly cured after 3 months, and only when I stopped using other products and did *exactly* what the directions say to do. In other words, don't use more than once a day. Don't leave it on for more than a minute / a minute and a half or so. And although tempting, don't apply topical antibiotics, AHA's, BHA's, etc. Seriously. It works best that way. And you need to wait at least 2 months before deciding to ditch it. I think you should wait 3 months, personally.

Those people who have said it was bad have typically NOT used it according to the directions or they've ditched it before giving it a chance to work.

Also, one bit of advice... If it seems to cause too much irritation, don't scrub your face with it, just spread it onto your face. And follow up with Carley's soap. If irritation is not an issue, use the soap *before* using the scrub. That's what I do, even though my face is ultra-sensitive, and I'm able to tolerate it. It's more irritating in the beginning when your face is not used to BP, but I find it does go away in 2-4 weeks. At least for me.

No, I think Dan's regimen is a little too irritating to the face than I can tolerate. I tried it. My face turned beet red and stayed that way for a month. It felt like my face was sweating the stuff. Just not a pleasant experience. I think Carley's can achieve the same thing with a lot less irritation. But maybe not for severe, cystic acne. Maybe just for moderate acne like mine. Still, the only thing that works for cystic acne is accutane as far as I can tell.

Some have tried using ice before applying Carley's to improve the result. I don't have any opinions on that. I used it without ice very successfully. If you've reached a plateau with Carley's, you could try using ice to get you to the next level with it.


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