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Aspirin Mask questions

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Hey everyone,

I just bought some generic uncoated aspirin today because prom is coming up this week and naturally, after being clear for several months, my skin wants to s*** the bed again. So far I've been just spot treating with it, I used it once this morning and once just now and it brought a big zit that I had on my chin to a head which was pretty cool, and from the looks of it it did lessen the redness of the other zits on my face.

I read some things and other forums online about people raving about putting it all over their face as a topical mask. Are there any initial breakouts by doing this? (other than getting like one zit that was eventually going to happen anyways?) And I think I have sensitive skin and my cheeks are always kinda red, but I heard it was also amazing at getting rid of that redness and calming the skin. From what I've done so far, crushing up 4 pills mixed with 4 drops of water, it gets like watery and pastey but no where near enough to cover my entire face, and it doesnt spread very smooth. Is there something else I should be mixing it with instead? Im kinda desperate right now so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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I always found asprins masks to help my skin [ I've only tried to all over the face, though. ]If there's not enough to have a all-over face mask just add in another aspirin or two to cover the face and a few more drops of water, I've also found adding in a few drops of honey helps keep the mask in a more paste like form to spread easier. [ and help it not flake off the face. ]

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Alright cool I'll try that, I've been using honey as an overnight spot treatment for a while now anyways, so that wont be a problem. Is aspirin alright to use on sensitive skin? (my forehead and chin are fine but I have sensitive cheeks).

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I imagine it'd be fine to use on your cheeks as well, but, if your not too sure just do a tester on one area of your cheek to see how it does, better to try it and it to bother one area then your full cheeks I think. =D

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How long do you keep the mask on your face?

From what I've read 10 minutes is most common, but there are others i've read saying 20-40 minutes, and even one person said overnight but I think 10 minutes is the reccommended time.

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