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So since about December of 2007 (4 months ago) i've been breaking out t e r r i b l y .... The last time I broke out this badly was 2 years ago. I mean I'm starting to get deep scars everywhere cuz my acne is so bad and I'm getting a lot of that bumpy-texture looking skin cuz i have so much acne around one spot. My pores won't close up either, and I'm so stressed about my face because nothing is working for me. Since I've broken out, I've used a neutrogena scrub, murad, solvere (which burned really badly by the way), and ortho tryicyclen lo. All of those just seemed to make my acne worse and I can't find anything to clear up my skin. I want to try one more thing before i try out accutane because its really expensive, and I've read things about acnezine and arbonne, which seem to work best for the majority of people. I've already used proactiv and it stopped having the same effect as it used to cuz my skin got addicted to it. Can anyone give me any advice about the products they've used and its effectiveness? I couldn't use murad and solvere for more than a month because I know skin gets worse before it gets better, but it was making my face twice as bad.. and I've been on ortho tricyclen lo for about a month and a half with no positive signs of my skin getting better. Should I stop taking them? I'm scared that if I do, then my face will be even worse with every inch of my face covered in acne because my hormones will be out of whack. I know makeup won't help anything either but my face is so red, blotchy, and bumpy that its really embarrassing to go out in public without putting any on.. I use mineral makeup though which i guess isn't THAT bad... SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!! IM GOING CRAZY!!!!

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This is my regimen


You need something that exfoliates skin (Benzoyl Peroxide)

You also need something that promotes cell turnover (Differin)


1. Essential Fatty Acids (To balance hormones)

2. Psyllium Husk powder (2 tablespoones 3 times a day 2 hours after a meal)

3. Digestive enzymes

4. Betein HCL to break food down.

5. A good balanced multivitamin, or seperately A, B, C, E.

6. Acidopholus (3billion + 4 strain bacteria Like FiveLac)

7. Anti Candida supps (Anti-Candi)

8. Taurine 1000mg after each meal

Add these supplements 1 by one and see what progress you make, if posotive then continue, if negative then negate.


Avoid all sugar that contains ose i.e. Fructose.

Avoid all vegetable oil.

Avoid wheat & Dairy.


Get plenty on sunshine (shrinks oil glands)

Plenty of exercise and rest.

Finally think posotive and you shall with the help of god overcome this disease.

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