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My method that has worked for me, for guys.

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I wanted to take a few minutes and share the cleansing/shaving schedule and procedure that I have been using for a couple years now that has really helped improve my acne significantly. If this is able to help just one person, then I will be ecstastic.

Now, of course as you all probably know, different methods work differently for everyone. Something that works great for one person could have an adverse affect on somebody else. I want to go ahead and give a background on me and my situation so you can see if this may be a fit.

I am a 27 year old male, who has suffered from mild to moderate acne many many years. It has gotten a touch better naturally as Ive gotten further away from my teenage years, but I suffered from having acne well into my twenties, and still do today. The procedure I am going to lay out below has given me a drastic improvement in the acne on my face. I still get significant breakouts on my forehead, which I will ask some questions about later. But I am fair skinned, I burn easily with reddish blonde hair, and I have what most is considered "sensitive" skin. I would consider trying this method if you are an 18+ year old male who has mild to moderate acne, I would not recommend this if you are at severe status. When I began this at age 24, I would say that I had two or three significant "areas" on my face that very consistently had a number of zits. I tried tons of forms of medications because the embarassment of trying to start my adult life while having this acne was becoming overbearing.

Okay, first things first, this method will probably alter your shaving and shower schedule, and I think that aspect of this is most important. Not only for long term success, but also to minimize the appearance of a breakout in the short term. (You know, if you have a hot date that night)

First off, I shave and shower in the early evening. This usually means right before or after dinner on work nights, or an hour or two before I go out on weekends. So after you eat or whatever, head up for a shower. (If you work out at night, be sure to do that first)

The Shave:

Shave before you shower. Now, when you shave, use a blade razor, not an electric. First apply a layer of your daily cleanser to your face everywhere, even places you will not specifically go over with the razor. No scrubbing. Obviously, do not use any kind of face wash with scrubbing beads or anything like that. I recommend regular Clearasil daily cleanser face wash. Then, without rinsing off the cleanser, lightly apply a layer of regular shaving cream. Not any scented gel, regular white old school shaving cream. Shave carefully, using downward strokes only. Yes it is ok and encouraged to go over the affected areas. You get good exfoliation from the shave that gets the cleanser right into the freshly shaven pores, while the shaving cream helps protect your face from getting aggravated from the shave.

After finishing, jump into the shower, bringing the face wash with you. Take your normal shower, then after you shampoo and condition your hair and wash your body, pat on one more quick layer of the cleanser. Blast the cleanser off with a cool stream of water, yes this means making the water cold for one second before you hop out.

After you get out, lightly pat dry your face. Now, DO NOT go look directly into the mirror at this point. Your affected areas will look extra red at that exact moment, obviously as a result of the shaving and washing and temperature changes. Relax for the next 30 minutes or so in a cool atmosphere. (This is important) Watch a little TV or something, just dont do anything extraneous. Go back to the mirror after 30, and if you are anything like me, your affected areas will look A LOT more blended into the entire tone on your face. Sometimes, its very surprising just how much better they look.

After this, either get ready to go out or if your just staying at home head down to the couch. At bedtime, it depends what I did in the night whether or not I give it another wash. If I just stayed home and was going to bed just a couple hours after the shower, then I will just apply some cool water to my face before turning in. If I have been out for a while and done any significant sweating or been around cigarette smoke and what not, I will do another face wash with the cleanser. Either way, apply whichever OTC spot treatment you use at night before bed, whatever works better for you BP or SA.

In the morning, obviously you will shower. You should not have any need to shave at this point, remember you will be doing this later in the day. Softly apply your face wash in the shower,(do this last) and use a blast of cool water to rinse it off before you get out. Again, spot treat your affected areas with a small amount of your product before you leave for the day.

I have done this for three years now, and the amount of zits on my face below my forehead has been reduced dramatically. I also know that if I have a few noticeable spots during the day, I can make them look a lot better after the shower and shave later. To the point where I have 0 the vast majority of the time now. My skin looks less blotchy. Now, this will dry your face out a bit. If you are one of those people that hates their face feeling dry, use a moisturizing lotion but I do not. As long as my face doesnt look flaky and dry, I have no problem with it feeling that way because that means it is not oily.

Some may ask, why do you have to shave at night for this to be affective? The reason why I recommend the night is because staying calm and relaxing for a bit after the shower is important to let your face dry and settle from all of the action. Sweating or hustling to get to work and what not causes your face along with your affected areas to stay red. The other reason, is because my face looks the best after the calm time after the shower, and thats usually when you want to look your best before you get ready to go out for dinner or to party or whatever it is you may do.

I am not a dermatoligist, I do not know why this works for me, but it certainly does. If you are looking for a new idea because other things havent worked, try this method out. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

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I have had the same experience recently. I used to shave maybe just twice a week, but now it's every two days. I don't use special face cleansers or anything like that because they all make my face worst. But basically, in the evening I wash my face with a hand cloth over the sink, getting all that crap dirt and dead skin off my face. Then I got in the shower, shave in the shower, grab the hand cloth towel which I rinsed, wash my face again with it more more smoothly, and end with cold water.

Just as you say, if I look right away in the mirror it looks awful, but after around 30 mins my face looks much better.

I'd like to do this every morning too. My problem is mid-day oiliness, which causes new pimples at around 2pm. I think this is due to lack of sleep, because I start to yawn a lot at that point and my face gets oily, ruining any progress I might have made before. But when I get long nights of sleep I don't get mid-day oiliness. I just have to manage to go to bed earlier. I was once clear of acne for a year when I had a better sleeping schedule:|

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