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Bad redness. Should I lower does?

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My acne was horrible, I mean, it looked like a battlefield. So I went on Accutane and after 4 months, my face is completely cleared except for 1 or 2 tiny acnes.

Problem is though, my face is very red and flushes easily and people comment saying my face looks like a tomato. I weigh 110 lbs and have been taking 40mg of Accutane twice a day for 3 months. I started with 20mg twice a day for one month.

I've been using no cleanser or soap and have been very gentle on my skin. I've started to eat healthy and drink lots of water and exercise.

I have been using a lotion with AHA but I stopped and switched back to Dan's lotion.

My face almost always feels warm or hot.

My question is, should I lower my dose?

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Well, thats your choice on what you would feel more safer on. If it were me I would probably go down to 40mg.

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i mean the acne was pretty severe thats why you were on 80 mg but i wouldnt worry about the redness, everyone expierences flushing when their on accutane, give it a month after u come off accutane and the redness will go down.

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Hi there

I have been on Isotane (like Roaccutane etc but aniother name) for over a year now for severe acne, and after four of five months of standard dosage i had to cut right back due to horrendous tomato face flushing and the likes of face 'burning' hot.

My Derm never really believed me about the problem either, and so i eventually worked things out on my own:

1. Cut back on dosage slowely - do this so you eventually know what your body can or cannot handle in dosage and regularity (my dose is now one capsule every 3 days maximum).

2. Cut out all Vitamin A foods which seem to aggravate situation e.g. Carrots

3. Avoid alcahol, vigourous exercise, and hot rooms with no fresh air flow or rooms with lots of people in making the air stuffy (major triggers i found out- very wierd!)

4. Get as much fresh air or cool air conditioning as possible to lessen probability of red-tomato-face issue occuring.

5. Use gentle cleanser e.g. neutrogena gentle cleanser

6. Drink chilled water or icy water in high flushing situations as it helps the face cool down quickly when the water touches the inside of your mouth/cheeks etc

Hope this helps :-) Good luck- thigs will get better- keep trudging on!


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