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curing your acne naturally and cheap..it worked for me

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Ok guys

Just like most of you, I have tried all the lotions, potions, creams, antibiotics, over the counter.......anything n everything you can think...murad, proactive.

But what really worked for me was right in my kitchen !

I want to give this info to people so they can benefit......so you can say to gain karma.

When going through all this I realize the chemicals in all these methods were worsening things and making it more bad as it is.

I stopped using any chemical....no cleanser, no lotion..no spot treatment....nothing...

What i used as follows.....btw i have super oily skin.it has helped me to control the oil as well

In 1 small plastic container with lid I mixed

2 tablespoon of milk ( 2% this is what I use)

1 tablespoon of lemon juice ( pure lemon juice from lemon)

1 tablespoon honey ( regular brand)

2 tablespoon chickpea flour (yellow in color) ( besan, availble at any grocery store)

2 slices of grated cucumber ( fresh from the fridge, I use english cucumber seedless)

1 pinch of turmeric ( its a herb, it is highly used in hollistic skin care product, also used in indian curries)

Mix everything this batch is good for 1 week and use it twice morning and afternoon.

I have kept in my bathroom so use it there as my cleanser. At the end of the week it might smell funny, but there is no harm in putting natural stuff on the face. After 1 week use the same receipe to make fresh cleanser. I use my hands to rub this...on face..it also works as exfloitant......as the cheapea flour is lil rough but gentle enough...to do on sensitive acne prone skin.

This has really improved my skin complexion from all the acne spots and acne from coming back I had big bumps under my skin, it is slowly going. Sometimes i use aveeno as my moisturizer, the glow one that is rarely.

The cheakpea flour is really good....as it controls oil.....turmeric is natural herb which is used to purify the blood when used in curry and when put on face work as antioxidant.

lemon and cucumber is used to cure the acne spots n acne from coming back.

I used 1 spoon of lemon juice u can change to 2 if lemon stingin or your acne isnt that bad.

I hope people can benefit from this as much as I did... pleae give it a week time.....I didnt notice for 1 week but I said........there is no side effect as it is 100% natural...

I am also in process of coming up with receipe of homemade 100% natural astrigent...will update you guys with that..

I am also taking Omega 3 6 9 capsules everyday and 1 zinc tablet everyday.

please feel free to ask questions.....

good luck and dont stress

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