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FratBoy in College Accutane Log!!!

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Hello, let me start by introducing myself. I am 21 years old male in college from California. I have had acne since I was 13. It has been mild to moderate acne with severe breakouts with the continuous breakouts during the change from summer to fall. I always told myself it was just a phase... that it would just go away once I hit my 20s but unfortunately that was not the case. Throughout the years, I have tried all the topical treatments and antibiotics... initially it worked, but after a few months, it would just go back. Recently in the past couple of years, I have been getting acne on my cheeks and jawline, which is pretty bad because it has lead to easier scars. I believe the underlying problem of all this is simply the fact that I have extra oily skin. Going to a college with acne absolutely sucks... especially being a frat guy. You have little or no confidence whatsoever at parties or events! I hope that accutane will end my misery and give me a new start - one without acne!

Currently, I am on Sortret 40mg / day. (Started yesterday 4/4/08)

- Chapstick

- Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

- Olay Gentle Foaming Face Wash

- A good attitude

I definitely welcome any comments, feedback, or advice you may have b/c most of you have already or am going through this process!

Day 1

Just took it. Not bad.. no side effects yet...

And no partying too on this Friday night... :(


1) I was wondering how many times you guys wash your face a day while on Accutane? And do you moisturize your face with lotion afterwards... even before going to bed? Or should I leave it dry?

2) When you take the pill, it says, "Take with full meal". Does that mean take it while you're eating.. (ie. eat half your meal... take the pill with a glass of water.. then finish your meal)?

If not, what is the recommend way of taking to maximize the drug effect?

Thanks everyone and I look forward to reading all your comments!

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good luck on accutane. week 4 at 40mg has killed me with the dry skin which I did think i'd been managing pretty well. I usually eat 3/4 of my meal and then take the pill.

I'm the same age and by the sounds of it I have pretty similar skin. I know the feeling of being at a party where you don't know many people and being embarrassed/shy in front of everyone. I've got 1 year after this one so hopefully I'll be acne free for it.

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Well, I'm also a frat boy in college!

I'm nearly finishing up week 2 on 80mg/day (40 twice a day)

So far I haven't really been getting terrible side effects. Sure, lips are dry and my face is a little red, but it's not anything near how bad I thought it would be.

It's recommended that you take the pill with a "fatty" meal. I go to the gym about 5 times a week, so my protein powder (vitamin A-less!) has enough fat to do the job, along with the fishoil i take.

Check out the supplements I'm taking, i really think the fish oil and such are helping.


ps sorryabout the spaces (extra or lacking). the spacebar on this computer is half dead

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Sorry with the lack of updates.. kind of new at this..

- So I had back pain after like the second day or so... which sucks bc it made me really lazy.. didnt even work out.

- Got a few new actives.. nothing too dramatic though

- Got my first nose bleed day five.

- Lips and face has been dry.. but I'm use to it.. had Tazorac before this and it had similar effects

School has been pretty hectic this week with midterms and all. that means a load of parties this weekend, which I have to stay sober! :(

I wanted to go clubbing this week too, but after reading someones post about having ringing in their ears.. i think ill pass.

Thanks for your replies guy. Much appreciated!

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