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A few years ago my acne restricted my life soo much and it basically destroyed those years.

Then i used roaccutane and lets just say ive never looked back since! ok, i still have a few scars, but i'm only a few months of tane.

basically this post is to all the people who are wondering whether to or not to go for it, because i said to myself that if i ever did rid myself of this awful inflicment, i would not forget about it, and i would come back to ACne.org and try and help people that are in the same place i was.

OKAy, tane gives you joint panes, it makes you tired, really dry lips, dry skin, no alcohol, dry eyes, but it's SOOOOO worth it.

There are so many negative stories on tane, but here's a postive one.

People are probably going to slate this post, but i'm saying it so i can help that person decidend whether or not to reclaim their lives!


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thanks for sharing that with us i'm so down at the minute and reading your post has given me some hope my acne is mild but so stubborn i'm 28 and have tried everything except tane i'm scared to ask for it incase they won't let me try it and also incase it doesn't work or makes things worse i'm currently on minocycline and diannette plus loads of vitamins herbals teas etc i''ve been on the mino over a year and the diannette 8-9 months i was clearing up but a the last few months i'm breaking out again randomly it affects my life to a huge degree so i'm thinking of going back to a derm i've been twice before over the years the last time they basiclly said i wasn't bad enough to give me tane but as its ruining my life yet again i thought if i explain how it makes me feel and behave they might be sympathetic thanks again for your positive post

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when I decided that I was brave enough to do tane, I actually called derms in my area and flat out asked over the phone how aggressive they were with acne. My current derms office knew exactly what I was aksing and said "he prescribes accutane" (obviously she meant if it was bad enough) but my point is there are a lot of derms out there that are anti-tane and your acne is NEVER in their eyes going to be bad enough. So maybe call around and see if there is someone that it open to having the tane conversation instead of already having their minds made up that tane is bad.

I have been on tane for 90 days and it has already changed my life - like overdose said that are some uncomfortable things that you have to deal with flushing and dry skin have been my worst so far - but its a few months of your life instead of like me trying to deal with it with topicals, antiboitics and a bar of dove soap (seriously that was one derms answer for my acne - a dove bar - seriously you went to med school?) for 15 years and nothing. Accutane Rocks!

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aye accutane is definately the bomb! i dont know why it gets all the slagging, its worked on me and 4 of my friends! why waste ur years when u can take this for a few months and be rid of acne

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