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Should I take a 2nd cycle of Accutane?

To help you answer this I should probably give you some details.

I'm 24 and suffered from moderate acne from around the age of 13 on my face, chest, shoulders, back and arms. I tried various treatments that did'nt work and then tried accutane last year.

I weigh around 85Kg and took 60mg per day for 4 months with minimal side effects. The acne completely disappeared after about 2 to 3 months and I finished the treatment last November. However since January it has started to come back.

Even though there has been a great improvement and things are not nearly as bad as they were before I took accutane, as the acne is only light in comparison, it still makes me very self conscious. I am concerned that the acne may return to its previous state.

What should my next course of action be? I was thinking of going to see my doctor to try and get referred to the dermatologist again for a second course of accutane. However, the acne is lighter than before and they may not go along with this. Would a second course of treatment possibly have a more permanent affect?

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I have the same exact problem. exept i stayed clear for a year or so. now it gets real bad to almost clear for some months, wich leads me to believe it is horomonal. i need some suggestions as well

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