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Hey everyone....I haven't posted before but I've definitely looked around here a lot at random times. Anyway, I never really talk to anybody about acne or whatever so I just wanted to get some things off my chest.

Sorry its so long!

I've had acne on my chest/shoulders/back for about 4 years now; I remember when it first started I had a physical and my doctor was like "I see you have some acne on your shoulders, just use some mild soap and water and maybe go tanning and it'll be fine." Since then, I've realized that he is not the greatest doctor for other reasons, but also since then my acne has gotten so much worse. Occasionally my back/chest is relatively clear (and I stress relatively) and other times it gets really bad and I often wake up with blood on my shirts and I always feel so awful about it. My dad had the same stuff, but I never really talk to him about it. He's fine with it; he has a lot of scarring all over his back but he still goes swimming everywhere and never says anything about it. I just can't do that though :(

And at different times I've decided I finally wanted to see a dermatologist, but then I never go; I don't know why exactly. I think I don't want to have to face it and I feel really stupid for having not gone in the past three years. Its like, at this point, I already have scars all over so why even bother? But I know thats stupid, I should just go and hopefully things will get better.

I mean, I have acne on my face/neck too, but I don't really care too much about that; I haven't taken my shirt off in front of someone in like 3 years. And then I feel even stupider about getting so upset about it cause I'm like, "if this is the worst thing you have to deal with you should be grateful! Whats the big deal?" but at the same time it really sucks. Every time I get out of the shower and see myself in the mirror I just feel depressed about it (I'm not a depressed person in general though, just that).

Anyway, I hoping to make an appointment to see a dermatologist next week (hopefully I'll actually follow through with it). Thanks for listening to all this crap, I know you've all heard it a million times before. Reading through other peoples' posts at least made me feel better that other people feel the same way.

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Good luck, I hope you can find the resolve to go through with the visit. Just think about the chance it may give you to finally mitigate/eliminate your acne whenever you consider not going.

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Head and Shoulders shampoo really helped my chestne and bacne and scalpne. I stopped washing with soap because i used to take such hot showers, and the soap would just dry it out to the point where it couldn't heal itself.

Anyways i suggest the normal Head and Shoulders because it has sulfur in it, and not all the b.s. thats in some of those shampoos.

Good luck, and your not dumb. Dumbness is a state of mind. Drop that remote, pick up a book. I have found that i have gumption to read a book if i have bought it myself. So go buy a book that interests you.

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