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acne-try something new

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My dermatologist gave me a new topical 3 days ago----Tazorac cream 0.1%.

He gave me a small sample to try before writing a prescription for me.

This is suppose to be I guess (I'm not to sure).

I also went to Walgreens and asked the pharmacist where the Witch Hazel is. Don't know what it is? It's actually really great stuff. It's a gentle cleanser and it conditions your face without leaving it tooooooo dry or toooooooo oily----it balances and maintains the moisture in your skin. It reduces the redness of your face removes the oils, and it's cool and refreshing.

The only thing it worked for me was reducing the redness.

It's all natural and it's been around since 1866! My great grandma and grandma used it. They said they never had many break-outs and it helped a lot.

You should try the Witch Hazel it does not always work for everyone one but it's worth it!

What I do in the morning:

Wash my face with PLEXION

-pat dry my face gently and then let it air dry.

Spread WITCH HAZEL on my face

-I then let that air dry.

Take EVOCLIN and put the topical antibiotic on the my face

-Let that dry also

(With the new stuff my doctor gave me I only use it on half my face particularily on my left)

Then put DIFFERIN 0.3% on the right of my face

Last I put TAZORAC 0.1% on the left of my face.

I repeat for night too.


If your not sure with something try it on half of your face and see ifit works or not. Sometimes when using very small area of your face it doesn't always seem to work because almost every part of your face may be different from another----It's better to use a larger area to see if something does really work or not.

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