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I have had this deep cystic pimple for over nearly 3 weeks now. It's really deep. It took about 2 weeks for me to see a head. I then got a needle disinfected and popped the head and pushed the crap out until it actually burst. But the problem is the cyst is all together but had more than one head, i take it the infection spread. One of the sides the head has still not come up and when i put my hands aorund it I feel a lump. I cant already see some pigmentation developing where i popped the other head. I want to get rid of this ASAP without having to get some cortisone shot at dermatoligst as this is too expensive and out of the question. It just the one big lump. WHAT CAN I DO? I tried benzoyl peroxide DUAC medice but its just doesnt penetrate at all, so useless. Also tried toothpaste and ice nothing working. THis is one of the stubborn types but im worried about scarring. I ordered tea tree oil but stupid seller slow at delivery, hope that will work. Any major suggestions from experience individuals?? HOW LONG!!!????

Thanks for any advice/help, I can't live with this i know after I will have to suffer 2-3 months of the hyperpigmentation.

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No more squeezing! That will only cause the pimple to rupture underneath the skin and that can lead to scarring, plus spread of the infection. Please follow the instructions at the bottom of my signature in the link there. It won't work overnight, but you have to be consistent in applying ice and taking ibuprofen and using the antibiotic cream and bandaid at night. Don't just try it for one day and say it doesn't work. The methods will work (and have for me) for even the large, deep pimples that take months to go away.

Do not mess with the lesion anymore at ALL.

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