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how does your acne affect your life?

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I have been suffering from Acne for 12 years. and clearly It have affected my life negatively.

It started at age 11, and I am 22 years old. and my whole very young days

is just gone like the wind. I always admired my friend's skin. even if they were ugly, they were beautiful with no-acne skin.

Well.. when I get older, I dont have severe acne anymore. but there are still a few zits on my face. and scars...pores , it made my face look sucky. I am a ugly thing with severe scars and pores. I hate myself.

but I think I would not get any scar treatment. I have finally learned that it would take a lot of money, time, effort to get rid of them.. and i could not have perfect skin with all this effort

I wish young people who just started to get zits should learn how to remove those suckers, I think DKR would help you. ( I wish I could have known DKR 10 years ago. even if I have never done DKR before, People seems to be satisfied with DKR.)

Anyway... try not to get any scars on your face. Pimples would fade when It is time. but When it comes to Scars...... it is 100 times harder than acne

thanks for reading My boaring story.

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I invite u to write yourself the things in your personality that u don't like. Be honest.

Then in the end, write the opposite. This key-words will help u to manage your mind in life.

Just try it. Take care ;)

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Acne has made life to difficult....

I get sick of seeing normal people with no acne betch and whine about nothing it drives me crazy. If I had their clear skin I would be so much more happier and confident.

In this world we only know what we can't have.

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