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3 Step Regimen, do you think this stuff works?

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So i had a dermatologist see me and she recommended me to use this 3 step regimen in order to get rid of my existing acne (which is very minor) and mainly my scars (hyperpigmentation). Here is the link to the product: http://therapeutix.com/three_steps.asp?cid...p;sid=undefined

The dermatologist is actually the creator of that regimen. The dermatologist visits my campus once in a while, and she was here today and told me to use this. Do the ingredients and stuff make sense? Im kind of skeptical because the product seems heavily advertised ($$$). What do you guys think?

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Whenever I see bogus claims such as "85% of study participants reported noticeably clearer skin in just 2 hours!" I turn the other way.

.5% salicylic acid is unlikely to be of much benefit, and its not clear what the percentages of the other ingredients are.

Then again, you can try it for a month for $7 so it may be worth a try - it may just work for you. Right now, I'm on a no SA, BP, GA regimen so who am I to judge :).

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So can anyone give me any pointers?

Help would be appreciated.

Hey I just wanted to let you know that I have used a regimen where there was 0.5% SA and it seriously saved my skin. I will say that it didn't completely clear me up but definitely a 85% difference.....and therapeutix t only has the A but also glycolic and hyraulic acid which in theory helps it get down even deeper in to your pores....anyway I just saw the therapeutix system being promoted on EXTRA last night. I don't know if it's just another gimmick.....they do sell it at FRED SEGAL......I don't know how much of a difference that makes other then the fact that it' a little expensive so they sell it at an expensive store :)......but you never know. I ordered it....Did you end up ordering it as well?? If so what were the results??

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I just saw this stuff and was intrigued. Any update on whether or not it worked? Anyone else try it?

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