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New User - some questions

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I used to have some acne (for me it was severe but for things I have seen and from the definitions I think it was moderate). The thing is nothing made it go away and so I was prescribed roaccutane. Ok it cleared everything in 4 months (spend 3 months on 40mg/day and 3 months 20mg/day). After the course I was put on creams (skinoren and acnomega and aven's diacneal) to keep my face clear. I was spotless for 8-9 months. I started using facial scrub every day and my face became really really smooth. Then some spots appeared and after 6 months (now) I get some pimples regularly. To be honest it is not the pimples that disturb me - I get 3-4 a week (even less) but they leave red marks which last weeks. I use BP (benzoyl peroxide) and I put acnomega 200 (Keraroregulating matifying care with alpha-omega HA) on top. It used to KILL THEM ALL :) but if I use it for 3-4 days in a row my face starts to hurt me when I put them together (like alcohol on a wound) and after 3-4 days of using them together my face is RED. Do you think i should continue like that? By the way BP used to clear my face then I started roaccutane (just 1 pack to get rid of them as I have exams coming and I do not want anything disturbing me then!) and BP stopped working. Any recommendations for me? Why is it still coming after 2 years? My skin is really oily. Even Roaccutane couldn't dry it. I am going to get some B5 Vitamin - I think it really works. How do you know you acne will ever stop and even if it does will I have to put cream every night for the rest of my life?

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