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scar revision - dermal fillers - uk, canada, europe

the cure is in your ballpark? i would think that the only effective treatment for scars is by injecting the indentations using a permanent dermal filler such as AQUAMID, ARTECOLL, BIO-ALCAMID, ARGIFORM, and a few others. These fillers are approved in many countries in europe such as the UK, Canada, Asia, Mexico, Australia, and various other parts of the world - all except for the U.S. Unfortunately we have no approved "permanent" dermal fillers in america so nobody's talking about them. For us to have them done, we would have to do some mad traveling - the thought of traveling to an unknown world to have some scars filled in isn't as easy as it sounds. But how about you folks in the countries where these treatments are available. The cure is right in your own ballpark I would think. I see that there's quite a few of you in europe. Why aren't there more of you talking about it - did you guys all get healed then disappear or something? Do you hear alot of people using these permanent fillers in your own country - or are they popular in your country?

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Fillers may work better and faster on non ice-pick indented scars then most treatments, but I don't think they can accurately be described as a cure, even if they are permanent.

I live in the U.S. and have had two sessions of Artecoll, but I'm not rushing back for more, even though it worked somewhat. After the injections I'd say 50% of your improvement is from swelling. After the swellng goes down, now your left with 40% - 50% overal improvement, which is pretty good. Then, with Artecoll anyway, about 75% of that remaining post-swelling improvement dissapates, because the collegan carrier dissapears. Over the next 3 months or so, some of the improvement comes back as you body builds it own collagen, but the final result is minimal improvement. So you have to go back again and again with this particular filler... the other unknown with Artecoll is how, and where the permanent plumping "takes" duting that three month period. Its not entirely predictable, so its very difficult for even the most artistic of doctors. My case may be more difficult than most because lots of the scars are very close together....

I do believe bio-alcamid will work much better as a filler than Artecoll, for a number of reasons.... but this will be confirmed or not, for me, in exactly one month, when I get it done.

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