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Insane Redness, please help

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So I used to have severe acne at age 21, hence, I took accutane for two months and it was drying the life out of me and quit the program.

im 23 1/2 now, two years fully removed from accutane, and the facial redness, which is supposed to be a temporary side-effect from accutane, never left me.

Yeah, the degree of it has cooled down tremendously of course once I dropped tane, however, I still have the "owl" face, (area around the eyes are normal skin color, cheeks are red and the end of the cheeks are also normal color)

Things worsened when I came to Korea approx 8 months ago. Im convinced its the air pollution here, but i've developed a condition where certain triggers like embarrassment or hot food makes me insanely, and i mean insanely, red.

My face begins to heat up in temperature, and my face begins to get crazily red. After the embarrasment is over, my face cools down, but only to the initial redness level, NOT my original skin color.

I went to a derm here in korea, and she told me that my Facial blood vessles have become expanded or somethin and that laser treatment was the way to go about curing it, however she also said that the vessels could re-expand after the laser surgery and the procedure will cost upwards of $2500.

One thing I notice is that everyday in the morning, Im extremely dry, to a point where my face is always peeling in the morning. Throughout the day my face gains some moisture and i begin to stop peeling, but after a shower its just like im going through some sort of a metamorphosis.

The amazing thing is, my face actually returns to normal skin color when im sleeping, or when im just simply laying in bed.

Is this rosacea? are there any other solutions besides expensive procedures to fix it? Are there any recommendations? please help..

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Your in a very similar position to myself and several others who have very similar problems after having taken tane. The derm probably wont be willing to dx you with rosacea, but yes you basicly have it. It is likely that you will never be able to get your old skin back so my adice would be to get used to it as much as possible.

However there are a few things that you can try to help your situation at least a little. First and foremost...try and avoid triggers that cause you to flush (skin going insanely red). For me that means no alchohol and watching what i eat. I have found that cutting out sugar completely has helped a little. Im sure that cutting out other foods (like carbs) would help....but there is only so much iam willing to try. Try to avoid hot temps...impossible i know at work or when out. But at home try to remain in a cool room.

Propranolol has helped me a little. I have found that it calms me down and makes it less likely that embarresment will set me off. Whats more, when iam majorly red and in social situations, i find that it stops me from panicking the same.

If you can limit your flushing episodes then you will find that your base redness tones down a bit.

Lasers...IPL, Vbeam etc are the only thing which can actually combat the redness. However theses are fairly high cost, high risk, low reward procedures. Even if they help, they will not provide permanent relief. The best that you could hope for is that they help and that regular tops ups can maintain the benefit.

So basicaly were screwed. The one source of hope i had during my worst acne was that one day it would go. Unfortunately this is never going to be so with our new problem. Whats more at least with acne i could eat what i wanted, drink whenever i wanted and could enjoy the hot weather.

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Sorry if my last post sounded pessamistic. On a plus side when iam not flushed and in forgiving lighting i look fairly normal. Many men in the UK have a reddish face (mostly from too much drink). Ive noticed that many more people ask me if i drink, and have assumed that iam rather too found of the pop. Oh well...like i said the best thing is to try and live with it.

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Wow, i've the SAME thing than you my friend...same fuckin thing...

but even if I found it terrible, I can live with it..

My main trigger are : embarrassement, and dry skin...

If my skin is well hydrated, I don't flush when it's hot..

But when I flush because i'm embarrassed, that's a crazy red who go away after a sleep;)like you..that's really suck..

But I can live with it..crying over that is not gonna help me, i've accepted it..

Accutane is the responsable of giving me that..

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i'm on my last month of Tane, and have the same "owl" face as you describe it. i also noticed that only in the last month, after doing even the slightest exercise (which includes walking to my college 4 minutes away), or giving a presentation which always brings a little stress/anxiety, my face flushes soooooo much, and feels wicked hot.

i tried using ice (when i'm home), but even that didnt work. while it's happening, the more i think about it and get embarrassed about it, the redder/hotter it gets.

i know that i have not been drinking as much water as i was before, which is essential while on Accutane, and that is what i thought was causing this flushing. but now after reading some posts about similar situations, i guess its just a side effect of Tane.

i havent had any other bad side effects from Tane, in fact its been a miracle drug and im so happy with my results.

have any of you considered emu oil? the more i read about it, the better it sounds. especially if you are experiencing dryness (i've been lucky to avoid dryness while on Tane). in general it seems very beneficial.


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