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Accutane for Moderate Acne

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I was wondering if anyone here has used accutane to treat mild/moderate acne. & what their experience was like. My skin is pretty much clear right now, but I still get some pimples during that time of the month. & honestly I'm getting sick of it. I also tend to breakout on my chest & back, which has never happened before so i'm really upset. :doh:

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fortunately i had the rare opportunity of being prescribed accutane. i had mild to moderate acne (no nodules whatsoever) and had some bacne (which i don't have anymore yay :D) but was DESPERATE to have clear skin so i begged my dermatologist because i was really depressed and it was basically my last resort. I took a low dose of 20mg and that month i noticed a difference. I made the mistake of skipping a month in between and sometimes even two months :/ because my derm said it would give my body a break but i believe that it would have been more effective had i taken it consistently. I took a total of 4 months and it has helped tremendously, but i'm still not 100% clear. i was for awhile but i have hormonal acne which is impossible to control (even with bc) so i still have mild acne. If you're wondering about the side effects, for me it was totally worth it. I had the usual CHAPPED lips and DRY skin, but i did acquire lower back pain (i rarely have it now) and my eyesight got slightly worse....but i don't mind because i gained confidence and i felt happier. i hope this helps!

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