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I started having skin issues in November of last year, and a couple months into it...it developed into cystic acne. I have fair-ISH skin which apparently scars easily (i never knew this until now) and everytime i would wake up with another zit even a small one when it would finally go away, it never really went away. It left a scar. Yes i always popped them, b/c i read somewhere that if you pop your zits by using a steralized push pin that it will not scar. Some stupid beauty magazine. My scars are on my right cheek. i went to the derm. and she said it was horomonal and put me on Yaz Birth Control and Doxycyclin. She told me to wash my face with Neutrogena 2 in 1 Mask/Cleanser but it made my face have little dents all over it. ITs hard to explain but when i get cold i get chillbumps on my face. So it looks like craters. Its terrible. So i switched to Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash and its fine. My make up is a random assortment of things, i use mineral powder by bare minerals, and i use there concealer as well. but i use a basecoat of cliniques that has the SA in it. At night i moisturize with Oil-free Moisture (Neutrogena sensitive skin) and then i use Exuviance Bionic Serum. I feel like i'm just not making any progress. You guys seem to know a lot more than i do. Should i switch my routine? Try new products? How can i get rid of the red scars? (which is my major issue) The cystic acne is under control now...i should mention. i just get a scar anytime i get a new zit! HELP!

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