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Hey ppl!

I have acne on my chest,back,shoulders and forearms.My acne was very bad before i started the regimen.

This is my log

5th Nov,07 - 24th Jan,08 ---- Only BP 2.5%

I started with once a day in the first week and twice later on.I dint experience any burning after applying so i dint continue to apply moisturizer after the first few days.i dint use glycolic acid because i couldn't find the name of the product.

I had very good effects after the first few days,but later on there was no improvement.

25th Jan,08 - 20th March,08 ---- BP 2.5% + Glycolic acid 10%

I got to know about the glycolic acid product and started using it before applying BP.Had some burning sensation few times in the begining but.I would say it was rather ITCHY.

The acne in the forearm reduced in this period and i was almost clear(am very happy about this).There was slight improvement in the other areas but not much.

20th March,08 - till date ---- BP 5% + Glycolic acid 10%

I decided to move on to 5% BP.Had very good improvement right in the first week at all acned areas.It did burn a lot at times.It still does.

My chest and my forearms remains almost 95% clear(which is what i was expecting when i started the regimen :dance: ).Still continue the regimen at those areas to stay clear.But i'm still having problems with My BACK AND SHOULDERS.IT is still bad.

Lately i have been applying BP before glycolic acid lotion.

I have been doing this for 151 days now.I go to college as early as 7:30 in the morning and I have not skipped even a single day all along(even on exam days!!!).

So ppl plzzzzzzzzzzz help me!!! what should i do???...Did i go wrong anywhere??? Or is

this the way it works and i should continue what i'm doing now???

It was a big post and thank you for reading!!! :)

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