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A short article about acne scars

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Ok frankly speaking, after going through numerous treatments, I have to admit that my scars does improve to a good degree. However, one thing dawned on me, no matter how much "%" the scars have improved, it will always be there. Therefore, we don't treat it in a sense that you are trying to "rid" the scars by going for treatments, you are just trying to "mask" the scars.

Also, what many people don't realise is that it is NOT the scars itself that is obvious, it is the SHADOW of the scar. Stand in a lighting, where you can easily see the shadows, and you get to notice scars prominently.

Another thing i realise is that the TOTAL AREA that your scars comsuming your face is more important then the depth of your scars. What do i mean by this? It means that, if you have several moderately scarred scars covering your whole face, it is going to be more obvious then a person who have one or two deep scars on his face. The simple logic is that this one or two scars( given proper treatment ) will level up considerably and blend in with the good skin thus "masking" its appearance. However, for the other case, even after going for numerous treatments, your face would still appear unsightly as there isnt any good skin for your scars to blend in and "mask" the effect that it is there...

I thank you for your time reading this, and I hope it will improve people's perception on what makes a scar obvious, if you have any questions just feel free to ask.

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Yea this is true, most people generally have a small scar or moles somewhere on their face but you don't notice because overall the skin is good. Though I'm sure you already knew scars couldn't be removed from the scarless healing thread. Lighting is a huge factor, in poor light even mild scars look terrible. I guess the hope is that babies being born now will live in a future without scars in particular facial scars.

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