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My regimen log

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Hi. This is my log. So I'm 25 and have been struggling with acne for let's see...since I was 11, that's 14 freaking years. I am not going to list all the treatments I have tried cuz there are just too many. It was mild to moderate til I reached about 17, then I started developing moderate cystic acne...And the only thing that would really get rid of that for the next, oh, 6 years or so was antibiotics, although I tried all kinds of topical stuff. Fortunately the cystic acne started clearing up a few years ago and now all I need to control the breakouts is birth control pills and a good skin regimen. My face looks pretty nice and almost clear now when I'm on the pill, just some mild breakouts from time to time. Dare I go off the pill, though, the breakouts get worse, but not cystic anymore at least. I have scarring though, which may never go away, but it's not all that bad.

Anyway I'm creating this log so I can track my attempts to find a really good natural skin regimen. What I've been using is a salicylic acid regimen, which really does work well for me as far as clearing my skin up- however I don't like how it makes my face feel slimy, and I don't like loading my skin with all the chemicals either. I have been using:

Clean and Clear blackhead clearing scrub (wash with)

sea breeze actives deep clean astringent (use after washing)

neutrogena acne stress control lotion (apply after toner)

I use all these things together, once in the morning, and once at night, every day. Surprisingly somehow they do not dry my face out much at all, and they work great for both preventing and treating. However they do feel kinda gross on my skin after a while. I feel like my face is bathed in chemicals 24/7. I want an alternative.

So...I've been experimenting with aloe vera gel, lavender oil and tea tree oil. Right now it's Fruit of The Earth, but I suppose I'll try the all natural stuff too as soon as I get around to it. Tonight I washed my face with lavender castile liquid soap (Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, I got a sample size for about 2 bucks), then squirted a dab of aloe vera gel into my palm with 2 drops lavender oil and 2 drops tea tree oil, mixed it around...and applied it to my face. It felt neat...tingly...Did make my face a bit tight after it dried. Still feels a bit tight, but nice. My face smells like lavender, mmmm. I love lavender. My skin has a history of responding well to lavender oil. We'll see how it goes I geuss. I also want to try actually washing my face with aloe vera gel instead of soap too, less drying. Sounds odd? Maybe...It was just a hunch I had, that aloe vera might work for removing oil, so to test it out I squirted some jojoba oil on my hands and rubbed it in, then tried washing my hands with the aloe vera gel. It worked! It actually removed all the oil. Tomorrow morning I'm going to try it on my face. Call me crazy.

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I never tried the washing with aloe gel thing...Instead I remembered something that worked well for me for a while, which is slathering my face with organic virgin coconut oil, leaving it on for 15 min, then washing it off. Oh and I bought some rosewood oil which is supposed to reduce sebum production, some more jojoba oil and some natural aloe gel from the vitamin store with no extra crap in it.

So here's what I'm doing now:


Slather face w/ coconut oil, leave on 15 min.

Wash off w/ lavender castile liquid soap

Apply a dab of aloe gel w/ 1-2 drops each rosewood, lavender and tea trea oil mixed in , all over face.


Same, except instead of the aloe gel, I apply jojoba oil w/ the essential oils mixed in.

It probably seems weird that I'm putting all the coconut and jojoba oil on my face when I have oily skin, but my hope is that they will balance out my skin so that its oil production is reduced. In any case it's working pretty well so far- My skin looks good, feels soft, and smells good, and the one major whitehead I had appears to be drying out rapidly, not to mention the inflammation went way down since yesterday. Some blackheads appear to be working their way to the surface and falling off. This is cool. Will keep posted.

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So last night I drank too much beer at a birthday party, slept over at the boyfriend's house and went off the new regimen. Instead I just washed my face with his neutrogena deep clean skin cream stuff. Oh well. This morning I did the coconut oil, washed with the castile soap, and that's it. My skin looks great. And feels great. And the whitehead dissappeared yesterday. And no new zits. I'm gonna do the whole routine tonight again. Oh and I'm switching to mineral makeup.

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New modified regimen:


15 min. coconut oil

hop in shower and wash face w/ lavender castile soap

mineral makeup


15 min. coconut oil

wash w/ lavender castile soap

Add 2 drops each lavender and rosewood oil to concoction I made from aloe gel (the natural edible kind), jojoba oil, lecithin and tea tree oil. Slather on face and leave on all night.

So far so good.

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Yikes...broke out in mild hives. Not surprising, since I have sensitive skin and I went overboard and tried some stuff I shouldn't have, namely witch hazel toner which I think I have a major sensitivity to for some reason. Also the castile soap is too drying, and I think I've been using too much tea tree oil. I tried the witch hazel toner in lieu of soap when I realized the soap was drying my face out too much, and my face got rashy the very next day...So I'm gonna try this minus the soap, minus the tea tree oil, but plus Burt's Bee's tomato toner instead of soap. And maybe less of the other oils too- maybe only 1 drop lavender and 1 drop rosewood is enough, or maybe just lavender. We'll see I geuss.

Note: I have had some weird kind of patches of itchy red dry skin, like eczema or something, on my chest near my collarbone, for about a month or so. They were there long before I started this regimen. I think it's the body soap I've been using. Am switching to ivory plain soap bars, and applying coconut oil every night. I think they've been getting better since I started putting coconut oil on them.

Grrrrrr....sensitive yet oily skin. With acne. What to do? What a pain in the ass.

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Hey samurai. It sounds like we have similar skin types and similar situations. I dont have bad, cystic acne, but my pores are constantly clogged and my skin is constantly oily and sensitive. I was doing something similar to you with tea tree oil and castile soap(are you using dr. bronner's) and i went overboard. I have a tendency to do to much and put too much stuff on my face to keep from breaking out, which of course makes me break out.

So i just bought some extra virgin organic coconut oil and i was trying to figure out whether to leave it on for a while or just a few minutes. It seems like your regimen is probably best- too much oil for a long time is probably not good. I think Im gonna try leaving the oil on for about 15 minutes then just washing with water, and thats all. Maybe a tiny bit of tea tree oil on existing acne, but thats it. Keep me posted on how the oil does for you. Later

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