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jus bought some;) now............ how do i use this without wwater? Just squirt some on my hands and rub in? How long do i rub in for? I actually just used it, but in the end i didnt rlly have anything to "pat dry", as i was told to do ](*,) it kinda just like rubbed into my face. how long shall i rub for? THANKS ALOT!! biggrin.gif

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For me, if I'm going to use it without water, I prefer to wipe it off with a very soft towel (gently), or kleenex (super gently!). In fact, I've never really thought of dreww's method of just rubbing it in...cause to me...I would imagine that cleansing the face would involve "sweeping" the dirt and oils away from your face, as opposed to rubbing it all in. Chacun son gout!

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first, wash your hands for 20-30 seconds with antibacterial soap. then, pour about a silver dollar-size onto your palm. this is more than enough for your entire face. and then swirl it onto your face for about 15-25 seconds. then wipe it off with a towel or kleenex gently!

if you have dry skin, you don't have to wipe it until you're squeaky clean. this just helps to moisturize your skin.

if you have oily skin, you can wipe until your skin just feels more dry.

NEVER scrub it off or wipe too hard. if your face is getting pink from wiping, you're pressing way too hard.

*some people use this as a moisturizer. so if you just rub it in that's all you're really doing. you're not washing your face because none of the oil/bacteria came off. if you do this method, i would suggest you use a facewash with water before you rub in the Cetaphil.

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