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I have been using DKR for a long while (Since I registered this username) And it never made sense to me why the Cleanser was a bottle, and the Moisturizer was a bottle, but then the Cream was a tube. I always wanted it to be a bottle instead. And for that, I THANK YOU!

I never liked the tube! So many problems!! A lot of wasted product left inside, and the most annoying thing, as funny as this may sound, But I travel a lot. And I keep my bathroom products in a grocery store plastic bag. Well, the Sharp corners ALWAYS cut the bags! And by the end of the trip (Or the beginning) my bag was ripped to shreds! I actually started wrapping the end of the tube in a bag just so this wouldn't happen. So, if anything, this helps make it more travel friendly!

Also, the larger size, AWESOME!

Although, I think the Large size of the Moisturizer may be a bit overboard though. For me anyway, I still have the bottle I bought about 6 months ago, and its only 3/4 empty. So, I can't imagine the 16 ounce lasting me any less than a year. But, I'm glad I still have the option for the smaller size.

So, Dan, and everyone who helps Dan out, all I can say is: THANK YOU! For listening to us!

And, I'm sorry I am not active here anymore :( My acne is now controlled due to me using the product once a day, so I'm no longer driven to post anything :( It's my daily routine! Just apply in the morning, and that's it! No issues arise or anything!

And I still love the Moisturizer. Best thing since sliced bread!

Cya Guys!

Thanks again.

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Thank you very much Brandy :)

It's doin alright. I still get occosional outbreaks, but with the help of BP they last only about a day. Not 2 weeks like before I used BP

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