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Does accutane "mess with your digestive system/stools"?

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ok, help me out here with my very embarrassing question. :redface:

my pamphlet warns about severe diarrhea and rectal bleeding.

i have tiny bits of bright red blood sometimes when i wipe due to skin cracking becuase its dry.. down there. i am going to talk to my derm in 2 days but i don't think this si anything to worry about really.

more importantly: i don't really have diareah as it's not all liquidy, but it's in "more peices" and their smaller and just.. not as normal or healthy looking. i'm on a 0.75mg/kg /day dose.

do other people get this? it sure as hell isn't severe diareah like the pamphlet says, so i guess it's normal? i just wish they would tell me what to expect... and i shouldn't worry about my "rectal bleeding", becuase they mean blood actually streaming, right?

going to see the derm in 2 days, just wanted to get the communities opinions...

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just had an epiphany:

since i started with tane, i've also started using flax seed oil.. mabye this is the culprit as many sites list it as a side effect.. i'll stop taking it for a bit to see..

fake edit: i just saw on another site "The most common side effect of flax seed oil supplements is mild diarrhea." jesus i'm an idiot... this is probably at least a good portion of the problem. if not the culprit, it's surely a contributor!

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