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My strange battle with mild/moderate acne

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I joined the acne.org community when I was a sophomore in highschool, and I am now a sophomore in college. In high school I had VERY oily skin and mildy moderate acne. I would get smaller pimples around my mouth and up on my forehead with the occasional cyst (my cysts were typically the size of a pea however I had a cyst the size of a quarter on my chin one time). I had tried various methods of clearing up my skin and Dan's regimen worked best for me, although it didn't clear me up to my satisfaction. I washed my face and used anti-acne products for about 2 1/2 years and took some tetricycline for a few months my first year of college. My face never got any better UNTIL I stopped using all face washes, stopped taking medications, and stopped using creams! Perhaps it was my face and oil glands fully maturing, but I don't think that is the only reason. I shower once a day (mostly :P) and never wash my face. I use an electric razor with the Lectic Shave stuff and exercise regularly and try to eat as healthy as possible, but still splurge on heavily fattening fried foods every once in a while. I don't take any vitamins. My face is better than it ever has been, with only an occasional whitehead popping up, or maybe a bigger zit on my forehead when I wear a hat for a couple days in a row. However, I have been using the Nivea after-shave lotion for a few months to keep my skin from drying out. This is pretty weird and I don't know if this is a good idea for anyone else, but I think putting all of that extra crap on my skin made things worse for me. To just let my skin be natural and let it cleanse itself with the help of a water washing has been the best treatment for me. I know for people with more severe cases this isn't realistic, but who knows, is this worth a couple months of your life to risk trying?

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