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Iodine in food

How much iodine is too much?

I know kelp is the obvious one, but what about other stuff? I've read that seafood in general is moderately high in iodine, but from what I've seen most people tend to handle fish pretty well. Is it mostly just kelp?

I'm just not sure to what extent you need to watch out for iodine, because it is in a LOT of food to varying degrees.

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Unless you're one of just a few people, you probably don't need to avoid iodine. I've had a high fish and kelp intake for a while now and all it's done is help my skin.

Iodine is most commonly found in foods that have a lot of added salt--snack foods, fast food. And somehow there was the largely false connection made that it was the iodine in those foods that caused breakouts, when really it was just all the refined carbs that came along with it.

If you're avoiding kelp, processed food, and dairy, you have no further need of reducing iodine intake, unless, again, you're one of those very few sensitive ones.

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I think is bad to have too much iodine from SALTED food.. those foods that have iodine naturally wouldn't be a problem

I've been eating tuna almost everyday and salmon for the past few weeks and my skin looks like is healing!

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