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Like the Sahara Desert...but maybe just a little more dry

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So I'm finishing up my 5th (I believe :confused: ) month on accutane. 40mgs a day. It's going not so bad. My only side effect is DRYNESS! Ahhh! For the first 4 months or so it was fine. My face was dry, but lotion covered that. My lips were dry, but I had plastered on tubes and tubes of chapstick. My eyes were dry and hurt at the end of the day, but a few eye drops in the morning and evening solved that. Now however, I'm starting to really feel the dryness :shock: My face is fine, but my hands and lower arms are developing eczema! It's not to bad. I've been using body butter from the Body shop and its been much better. I have noticed I've been getting TONS of scratches though! It almost looks like I've been cutting myself, and I'm certainly not! I guess at night my dry body causes me to want to scratch...I do, and end up with scratches. I might have to start wearing gloves to bed! Anyways, that isn't a major problem either. The major problem is with my eyes! They are SO dry, and my eyedrops aren't helping! While I sit in class I always find myself closing my eyes for a few seconds because it makes my sore eyes feel better. I put drops in at school, but still no matter how many I use it doesn't help. I'm not sure what to do! I can live with the dry eyes for another month or two, but if I didn't have to I'd rather not! Anyone have very dry eyes on tane? What did or do you use? Did a change in diet help? I already drink plenty of water.

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