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Before I say anything, I believe you can't pick up someone's regimen and expect the exact same result. Experiment is key.

My acne was more active back when I was 14-18ish years old. It subsided somewhat as I grew older but every so often, I'd still develop random zits and cysts. On top of that, I had a big problem with comedones on my nose and on occasion on my cheeks. I have to admit I never really had a regimen to prevent acne. I would only reactively treat it when it comes up.

For the first time ever, my skin has been consistently free of zits, cysts, or the dreaded comedones that never seem to go away. This is what my regimen consist of. Notice it's a multi-prong approach as sadly there is no one way for me to stay clear.

1. Dan's BP (morning and night) - I found that if I stop using this, I'd get small zits here and there.

2. Vitamin B-5 - Refer to the thread under the nutrition forums for this. Ever since I started this, I've noticed a decrease and eventually the end of my comedones problem.

3. Antibiotics - Has kept me cyst free for close for over 3 months. When I ran out of antibiotics and went a week without it, I immediately started to develop 1-2 cysts. As soon as I went back on it, those cysts immediately went away.

I also wash my face every morning and night with either Cetaphil, a salycic acid scrub, or AHA. The reason I've listed all 3 is because it did not seem to matter which one I use.

I am also taking extra supplements like Vitamin C, E, Fish Oil, etc. but I don't believe these things have any claim to why I'm clearing up as I've been taking them for a long time prior to clearing up.

It took me awhile to figure out what works for me and in the following months, I will be fine tuning it as it is pretty costly to consistently buy BP gels and Vitamin B5. But the important thing is you find what works for you by experimenting!

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