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Hi Everyone,

On my face i usually have quite alot of blackheads on my nose and 2-4 red pimples on my face.

I have tried alot of things and tried finding the answers everywhere to fix my problem.

I have read alot about it all over the web and i find that there a soo many steps to follow and then in the very last step they are just trying to get you to buy a product or a book and then i think its just a bullshit ripoff scheme and im not sure if it works.

Some things im confused about and want to get off my chest:

1. If you get blackheads from imbalanced hormones is there anyway to fix your hormones internally so the blackheads will go?

2. I want to try proactiv but dont wanna spend that much money, i dont wanna use harsh chemicals on my face and have to get into a facewashing routine and complete 6 or more steps day and night.

3. When i go out partying the next day my face is all yucky and all my friends' skin is fine.

There must be some skincare professionals that have the answers and i think the scientists dont want to come up with a cure just we have to keep forking out money for face products.

please help!

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Proactiv is unlikely to help very much with blackheads. Blackheads are just clogged pores -- dead skin and dried sebum that have formed a plug. Proactiv is benzoyl peroxide-based, and BP is antibacterial. It's good against inflammatory acne but it won't stop those plugs from forming.

Read my pinned post at the top of this forum and let me know if you have questions.

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I actually found that Pro-activ helped my blackheads on my nose and cheeks near my nose. I don't break out there as much but yes lots of blackheads. But it inflamed my acne along my jawline and sides of my cheeks.

It really does refine your skin texture. I did like what I saw when it came to how my skin improved in that area, but because it was making my acne worse it was not a fair trade for me...after all that was the reason I was buying it anyway.

What they don't tell you is that if the regular Proactiv is too harsh for you they have a 'Gentle' Solution which I liked. But in the end all of it was expensive and they want you to get in the stupid "CLUB" and receive it every freakin' month. Why can't they just put it in the stores at a good price instead of having to order by phone? I can't stand that crap. They would probably make WAY more money because it would be available to so many more people.

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