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I found some stuff...

Its made by the same makers of Cetaphill. Its called Benzac, and you can get 2.5%, 5%, or 10% BP wash, and gel. I am interested, because it would be nice to wash and get the BP all in one step. Before this the only BP facewash i knew of was 10%.

I found out about from my friend who used it and he said it cleared him up a lot. Has anyone else used it? If so how was it?

here is a link which talks about the two types:


There is a Benzac AC wash and Gel,

and a Benzac W wash and gel, im not really clear on what the difference is...

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I just read an article the other day where a derm was saying a bp wash was pretty ineffective in comparison to a topical bp gel or cream, and that you were better to stick with the latter. You are washing the medication down the plughole afterall.

I use benzac 2.5% bp gel...which is a just a regular topical like On the Spot...and I think it is a great product. If you are on the Regimen you need a cleanser without any actives. However plenty of people find bp washes good for bacne. Hope this helps.

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Yeah, bp washes did absolutely nothing for me. I still got whiteheads every single morning, it was frustrating for awhile. I then switched to a SA wash and things seriously cleared up immediately, it was amazing. That is of course followed by the bp cream afterwards.

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