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Petroleum jelly remedy for overdry, cracked skin

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I recently posted a tip for members on the regimen with overdry, over-red, sore and cracked skin to try a petroleum jelly mask. I posted it because it worked for me, and it may help someone else out there. But I must add, you'd have to be pretty desperate to try this. Desperate to the point your skin is unbearable and you're considering abandoning BP use, taking a hiatus from the regimen, or quitting it altogether. If you can live with your skin the way it is, if you're just experiencing minor discomfort or flaking which is normal for the regimen, then there's probably no need for you to resort to this greasy, gross remedy. But if you aren't ready to quit the regimen just yet, if you're willing to risk putting something greasy on your face for one night, and you're desperate for some relief for your overdry, sore, cracked skin, then I think this remedy is worth trying, and a better alternative to stopping the regimen. Ultimately you may decide to do so, and that's ok too.

The petroleum jelly remedy is fast-acting and should bring considerable healing and restore balance with just one overnight application. Petroleum jelly is noncomedogenic (for most people; I realize this is a generic term) but unfortunately it's not oil-free. If you have very oily skin, it's up to you to decide if putting something oily on your skin is worth the risk. I can't guarantee that your skin wont get oily or break out altho it didn't in my case (and I have very, very oily skin). As I said, you'd have to be very uncomfortable and desperate for relief to try this.

Here's the remedy again:

Follow your regimen as normal. Before bed, apply petroleum jelly liberally over skin. Really cake it on. Put an old sheet down over your pillow and sleep. The next morning, wash your face as you normally would. Don't rub or scrub or use a washcloth. The petroleum jelly should come off pretty easily. Hopefully you'll find your skin in considerably better shape, the balance greatly restored, and feeling much more comfortable.

NOTE: The petroleum jelly remedy, if it works for you, is only a temporary reprieve. Ultimately you will still have to figure out what you may be doing or what you may be using that's causing your skin to react so disagreeably. The good news is you've bought yourself a little time while you make the necessary adjustment(s) to your regimen.

Hope this helps. Good luck! :D

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