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Feeling fake with make-up on

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I don't really have acne anymore, just redmarks and a lot of facial redness and flushing. My make-up covers it up pretty well but when I flush I think (not always a mirror there when that happens) I look horrible. I become a little brown/purplish kind of color through my make-up. It's so ugly and now I have another problem, the foundation I wear is a shade too dark for me now and I already have the lightest shade. Now I can't find another good foundation in my color that also covers well. I hate going out with make-up right now, I feel so fake! It feels like everybody is staring at me (although I don't think that's really true). Now I have to go to school in 15 min with my too dark foundation on and I'm praying I won't flush and look too fake. I'm afraid they will judge me, because there's an another girl in my class who wears a lot of (too dark) foundation and people always make comments about that when she can't hear it. Even peole from other classes judge her for that. I don't wanna be the new 'foundationgirl'!! Can anybody help me? What kind of make-up do the people with flushing here use? I heard Estee Lauder double wear is a good foundation? Does anybody here uses it? Does it cover well and does it come in light shades?

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