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Trying to figure out my face...

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In the last week or so, my acne has improved and I'm trying to figure out why! So, I'm going to write down what things have changed so that I can try to rule out or decide what's happening.

1. Ten days ago I got a cold and started taking Mucinex (Guaifenisen) day and night. I've done research and find no connection between it and acne (tho it is used for internal cleansing of people with fibro). Just a fluke?

2. About a week ago, I used H&S Shampoo and put some on my neck/face and it burned my neck so badly that I stopped using my Differin .3% for a few days. Was Differin making things worse? I switched from Ziana to it about 6 weeks ago and hadn't noticed any improvement. I haven't started the Differin back up yet.

3. I started using Glycerin/Water as a moisturizer at night, which lessens the need for the Complex-15 Cream I usually use in the morning (was worried about that clogging pores).

So, currently all I am doing is using 1% BHA pads to wipe down 1-2x a day and moisturizing with the watered down glycerin. Is it possible that less is more?

What makes it more crazy that my skin has been BETTER this past week than in months, is that my period is due in 4 days! I have been taking Aleve when I remember but that hasn't made any difference for me the last 2-3 cycles.

I hope I can figure it out.

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I just posted a new thread about how I just stopped using all treatments all together and that has cleared me up nearly 100%

Then again I don't know how bad your acne is so I can't really say if what you are doing is good or bad... but I'm a firm believer in the "Less is More" philosophy when it comes to acne. I used to wash my face 3 times a day and my face was the worst at that point in time.

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Well, it's been two weeks since ceasing the Differen. My period is due today and so far no cysts at all. A couple of small whitehead type pimples but really not much compared to usual. And I haven't even taken the pre-menstrual Alleve either.

My face seems to have returned to it's fairly oily state since stopping the Differin but that hasn't yet translated to acne. I am still just using a gentle cleanser, 1% SA pads and a homemade glycerin/tea tree oil moisturizing toner. I ordered some 2.5% BP that I may add in to help with the disinfecting and drying.

I have still been taking the Mucinex so I'll still have to see if anything changes when I stop it.

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Bad news. Two new cysts on my neck today and one big pimple on the hairline of my forehead. I've been slowly decreasing the mucinex so I don't know if that's playing a part. I should be getting the BP soon, I'm hoping that helps. Not happy.

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Well, I started using 2.5% BP and my face was doing pretty great as of 2 days ago. The cysts had faded and no new major zits. I got some sweet almond oil and started using that before my regular cleanser two nights ago and this morning I have two new whiteheads on my jawline. Hmm, not happy. I'm not sure why I wanted to try oil other than cuz it's so popular. I don't use any hardcore makeup and I'm not dry at all anymore now that I'm not using Differin...so, I think I'm going to forego the oil.

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So, it's been awhile but things are going pretty good. My routine is about as simple as it's ever been.

Clean & Clear Sensitive Skin Cleanser in the shower

3% BP pads in the AM (rx)

Dove Cool Moisture Cleansing Cloths in PM

Paula's Choice 2% BHA in PM

And I'm down to just small occasional zits, slightly worse before my period.

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Wow, it's been a long time. I guess because things were good for quite a few months but my skin has gotten much worse in the last month. Not only am I getting a lot more breakouts on my face but also on my chest and back. I haven't changed anything in my skincare routine.

There could be a couple reasons for this. I started taking Vitex Chasteberry 2-3 months ago. It is an herbal remedy that is supposed to help balance female hormones which I started taking to help with horrible menstrual cramps/endometriosis. It takes a couple months to start working and I'm wondering if it is triggering either some initial breakouts or some permanent negative changes in my skin. BUT this last period was the first one in literally years that didn't require codeine to handle the severe cramps. So, I'm willing to wait it out to see if it is just an IB and if it goes away.

Another possibility is that I started taking an Organic Liquid Multivitamin about a month ago (first vitamin for me in years) and I'm wondering if it too could be causing an IB based on ridding toxins or whatnot. All I know is it's driving me nuts and I'm glad it's getting to be winter weather (due to the bacne, etc.).

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