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So my update with eating better. (sorry no pictures)

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So I was on a lot of creams, antibiotics, EVERYTHING but about almost a year ago I went on Accutane and that pretty much cured my acne but I still got some breakouts, so my doctor put me on Tazorac. That cleared me but when I went on vacation and didn't use the cream, I'd breakout PLUS I'm a boxer and wanted to stop using it because my skin can't be sensitive (it's side effect) as I spar on a daily basis.

So I stopped using all that stuff and instead all I use now is a toner, cleanser, and some tea trea oil (which I don't think even works, lol) and I just cut out all crappy foods and I eat whole foods which made me 100% clear except rare small breakouts.

So that's it. Diet DOES effect acne.

And I'm trying to eat alot more greens and other veggies because I think I can improve my skin even more.

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Glad to hear you're having such great progress Przn! And the great thing is, its not only helping your skin, but its making you a much more healthier person in the long run!

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Diet affects some types of acne. Just putting garbage food into your is doing more than making you breakout. There is a reason why 80% of americans are over weight, and 50% will die of cardivascular diease. Thats a bad sign, seeing as fast food, or quickly prepared food, preserved food has been a staple in our society since the 50's.

Its horrible, i cant beleive people eat what they eat and wonder why they feel like shit.

5 servings of fresh produce a day will add an average of 14 years to your life. Also by not eating garbage food. People should also train their bodies to eat 5 times a day, and never eat more food than the size of your fist. Also sugar, and wheat are very bad for you. Learn to love good food, and youll love life a lot longer. Im sure most of the people here know all this already though.

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Yeah. I mean, I used to eat pizza, chinese good, Burger King, and McDonald's on a daily basis and luckily I didn't get fat mostly due to my genetics and half-assed workouts, lol. But I knew that my sugar levels, cholesterol, etc were really down the shitter.

I started working out religiously again for about 1-2 months now and eating better and I don't need caffeine pills to give me energy in the morning anymore or any other time, lol. And I'm hoping to get a blood test sometime soon.

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