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Im doomed!!!!!!

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Im tired of having acne, ive had it for 4 years now and wont go away. Ive tried pretty much every cream and pad that exists but it only helps a little then it comes back. Ive been to at least 20 different websites and they all list ways to help acne but they each say one way is good that a different site said was bad. Does changing my diet help at all???? What do i do! I want to buy something at the store not online or anything like that. How do i apply it? all over my place or just spots. Ive also read that apple bullshit about how it clears your acne in 3 days, but i doubt that will work.

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Yeah I know your pain its very annoying. Right now ive been eating better and drinking water and green tea which is good for your skin. I havn't seen major results but I havn't been doing it long enough to say it isn't working. what your talking about I think is apple cider vinegar, try applying it to your skin but drinking it is VERY HARD to do. Its simply the worst thing I have ever drank in my life. I have long hair which causes me more problems so if you have long hair that covers your face that could be making it much worse. Just try to eat better, avoid soda and junk food/drinks. Drink plenty of water and green tea if you want. I think I am seeing results but I still break out so I don't know wtf is up.

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Green tea tends encourage oil production in a lot of people on this site; unless you have very dry skin you may want to consider switching to chamomile, rooibos, peppermint, or any other non-caffeinated tea.

Also, about diet, dairy tends to be a big factor for some people here so you may want to try cutting that out. You may want to drastically cut carbs (breads, pastas) as well and focus more on vegetables.

Try adding fish to your diet, or a supplement of Omega 3 oils; catfish is my favorite and it is low in mercury (According to the FDA).

Obviously leave out all processed foods and sugars.

Consider adding a green smoothie to your everyday diet - you can find an informative thread on it if you search the site.

If you suspect, after all these changes, that your acne is hormonal, you may want to attempt DIM or a supplement of Evening Primrose Oil to balance your hormones naturally. A search on this site will also turn up threads on these subjects.

Good luck!

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