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2 pumps = 1 full finger???

i just upped my dosage tonight to two FAT FULL pumps of bp. i've been using the moisturizer before the bp and i just upped the dosage of that to one full pump. the moisturizer feels like it's way too much. when i applied it, it ran everywhere and i had to dab alot of it off with a paper towel. then after that i did two FULL pumps, like... the most u could possibly pump with 2 pumps of BP. in my hand, it looks like a bigger amount of bp then the amount that dan uses in his picture, or maybe its me. and i had a fun time rubbing it in... i never had to spread it out for so long lol.

remember dan's old picture and video where he recommended 1 full finger of BP for your whole face? 2 pumps of BP looks alot bigger then the amount of 1 full finger in my opinion.

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Dan says that two full pumps should be equal to the finger length he recommended with the tubes. I think the pumps are more precise, considering "finger lengths" can vary from person to person. Also, if you squirt slowly, your finger length would be fatter and contain more bp than if you squirt it out fast in a thin line. This may be why some people weren't as clear as they could be, they weren't using enough bp doing the finger length method (differences in finger sizes and thickness of the line). The two full pumps is a more precise method of making sure you are using the full generous amount that you should be using.

As for the moisturizer, this will vary from person to person. Just use however much you need for your skin to feel normal. This may be a lot or a little.

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I know Dan is excited about the products but 2 pumps is WAY over done. I've been on the DKR for almost 7 months and as soon as I got the pumps my skin started drying out. It finally dawned on me that I was over doing it. So I cut back to 3/4 of one pump and things are much better. I don't have anything to add on the Jojoba since I'm allergic to it.

Also for other people reading this, Dan lives in Southern California where it is hot as hell. I lived in San Diego for 20 years so I remember how it gets. My skin was an oil slick there. I moved to Denmark recently though and with the advent of Dans BP, I now have dry skin. However I'm sure that if I still lived in a climate that does not hover around -15 during the winter and about 40 in the spring, my skin would be less dry.

Heat, sweat, and sunblock = oily skin.

Last, for those with dry skin or who live in cold/windy areas, you can get away with using less cleanser. I'm using about the size of a small marshmallow and it is working fine.

Temper this and any regimen with your own judgment

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