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This will work 100% PLEASE READ MY STORY

Ive just joined this purely to help you, im not a doctor or anything but im someone who is 28 and suffered from acne since 15... I have tried everything on the market that doctors prescribe .. all the pills and creams and nothing done much for me... I have even taked roaccutain for 4 months a few years ago which worked while i was on it but sadly it came back!

Now 2 years ago my bro had a sist a (massive lump) on his neck which had to be cut out and while he had it he was given cefalexin pills and because he had bad skin at the time these pills COMPLETELY cleared him up! and he wasn't taking them for that reason... Doctors dont seem to give you the choice to take these when you go in and ask for a drug to cure acne because they are not in the book for clearing up acne.. So i went to doctors and asked about these and if i could have them, he wasn't sure because they are not ment for clearing up acne but i told him the story of my brother and how it worked 100% on his skin and so he gave me them... Ive been taking them for 2 years now eveyday and my skin has cleared right up! Yes now and then you might get the odd one you have to squeeze but nothing like what you have got. They made me feel so happy and have gave me good skin the whole time. They are 100% safe to take as ive had repeat subscriptions the whole time.

I really hope this helps some of you and might be the best thing youve taken for it... If anyone does please give feedback


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WOW. are you serious?!! this pill sounds amazing! so you have to get it from a doctor right? and when your skin cleared up, were you still breaking out or what? what about side effects? because i was going to take either spironolactone or diane 35 both with some pretty harsh side effects. i was on accutane too and i landed up in the hospital because it messed up my head. do you really think that this would be a good option for me, because im tired of suffering with this. another question. when you took it did your acne get worse or simply better? let me know :]

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