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I take NOW's ADAM multi (no iron, actually). I can't say that it alone has made a tremendous impact on my skin. Though I would tend to believe that it helps out my health generally, but honestly no supplement can replace a consistently beneficial diet.

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As I've said in other threads, I think multivitamins are worthless. They've never helped my skin and I bet they helped very little with my general health when I used to take them.

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I used to take One-A-Day suppliments, and then started taking Centrum. Neither ever helped with my acne, nor did they give me any energy.

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Probably wouldn't help with acne all that much because theres normaly only the RDA or less in a multi-vit tablet.

The paper on Pantothenic Acid/Vitamin B5 says most people probably need beyond the RDA such as 20 tablets of 500mg a day. Thats an example in reflection to multi-vits not Vit B5.

So don't expect them to have a huge impact on your acne unless you experiment and take huge doses for a few months, it may help then.

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I guess they could help if you have a deficiency in something, although if you know what it is its probably better to just supplement that one specific nutrient. I've taken different ones off and on for 10 years and never really see or feel a difference.

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