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I have now tried BP for the first time, and I think I'm allergic...

I put on a really thin layer ONLY ON MY CHIN AREA saturday morning, and washed of after 4 hours as is said on the package (4% BP). Every thing seemed fine, but when I woke up sunday morning, my ENTIRE face was read, itchy, and with a rash (like really tiny bumps all over my face). I thought I let the BP absorb, but it might have come a little bit all over my face because of the mosturizing afterwards. However, I don't think I'll dare to use it again. I've been using hydrocortison now for a couple of days, but the itchiness and rash is still quite annoying. What are the chances tha my skin will adapt, and stop having a reaction to BP? I didn't sleep much tonight because of the itchiness...

Please give me some advice!

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The intense itching and rash are a good indicator this was an allergic reaction. If you are allergic, you shouldn't use it. You might try an oral antihistamine to help with the itching, something like Benadryl or Alavert.

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I know exactly how you feel. I have some ezcema myself and recently developed acne, but I'm on accutane and the tane is fixing the acne. As for your allergic reaction, it sounds like you have reactive skin.

One time I developed a rash on a business trip, and mistakably used some christian dior product during the rash (which I've always used and never reacted to) and glycolic acid cleanser. After that my face reacts to anything and everything, including CoverFX (which is makeup for sensitive skin). And by reacting, I mean redness, swelling face, little bumps. Yup, that's definitely contact dermatitis my friend, and I was devastated because I thought I wouldn't be able to use makeup (which is brutal for someone with acne). I had to use hydrocortisone too. But dont' over use that stuff, that'll just make you react more the next time because it senstizes your skin.

During your rash, use a sensitive cleanser. I had to find first of all a cleansing solution. I found Cliniderm, both the cleanser and lotion was great, no reaction. It's dedicated to ezcema.

Then I had to find makeup, and I found that the Avene line worked really great. I use the SPF 50 compact which is generally like a foundation and never reacted.

BP has a lot of antiseptic and is pretty strong. I believe Avene (this is a line DEDICATED to reactive or sensitive skin) has some acne line product, you can check it out, you can get this at drugstores.

Definitely steer clear of the BP. As for acne, if you're not allergic to sulfur (which some people are) I find that the doctor prescribed Sulfacet - R lotion (a sulfacetamide) works even better than BP (spot treatment).

I know how you're feeling, so I wanna help. Drop me a msg sometime.

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