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Methods of using Jojoba oil

I have been using the regimen for about 2 years on and off because when im off i get major breakouts but when im using the regimen i dont feel right. Like if i use moisturiser, im too oily (I use Aveeno daily moisturiser) and when i dont use it i cant smile cos my face cracks up. Also, the moisturiser I use feels allright but when i get slightly hot in the face for whatever reason, my face feels like is is burning and this feeling doesnt go away for atleast an hour or so. Anyway, to the point..... I have heard from various posts that you can use Jojoba oil as the sole moisturiser. Some of the methods I have heard are:

1. Cleansing(the DKR method), gently applying jojoba oil(enough to cover face moderately), gently washing off the jojoba oil, waiting for skin to be dry, then applying benzoyl peroxide as you would in the regimen. the idea in this method is that some of the jojoba oil should remain on the face for moisturising and the BP will not dry out the face. Apparently this stops that taught feeling that your skin gets after cleansing(if you get that).

2.Using it directly as a moisturiser. So using the DKR method but instead of a moisturiser, you use jojoba oil.

3.Mixing it with moisturiser. I guess this is for if you have really dry skin.

Personally, I like the sound of idea #1. Ive read a few good reviews on it. Apparently it mattes out the skin. If anyone actually bothers reading this and has any comments or has tried #1, I would be super interested cos im thinking of trying it myself. If nobody has tried it as I have written, then Ill try it and post the results. Thanks.

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I've tried this method in a lot of ways and I'll say what works for me.

First off, experiment with all kinds of oils. Some people are very sensitive or allergic to Jojoba (I was one of them). As a general rule go with oils that are very thin and look kind of watery. This penetrates your skin better. I was using olive oil for a long time but it was too heavy on my face. I switched to an oil of some flower used for cooking where I live, and things are so much better.

Personally, applying any kind of oil before BP has made me breakout. But that is just me. What I recommend is washing with warm water, finding a good exfoliating method, and do several small applications of the oil with your routine rather than one huge dose.

Hope this helps.

(Also, drink a lot of water)

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thanks for the comments. im trying the jojoba oil right now and it is brilliant. just after i had finished putting it on, I felt like i had normal skin again. so i didnt wash it off and i put bp over the top and after one day, it is working well as a moisturiser.but time will tell weather this is any good.

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